Our Engagement Update

It’s been an incredible 3 weeks as an engaged women. I’m still on a total high.



Josh and I have begun searching out venues and are learning SO much. This is completely new territory for the both of us. With each tour and bridal show, we are learning a little bit more about what we want and don’t want and are able to narrow in on our vision. There’s a location near our hometown that has drawn me in from the first time Josh and I first stepped foot on the property just months after dating. I went back there this past weekend as a bride to be, and it all felt so real. I hope we can announce a date and location soon.


Josh was out of town on business this past weekend and Landyn was with her dad, so my mom packed up her bags and stayed the weekend with me. She showed up Friday afternoon with a stack of wedding magazines and spent the whole weekend helping me get ideas for Josh and I’s special day. We shopped, went out to eat, had heart to heart chats, decorated my house, played hair salon (yes, my mom highlights my hair), toured a wedding venue, and stayed up watching chick flicks and eating ice cream. It’s been forever since we’ve done that. There is nothing like a mother’s love.



10612549_10154466769720367_5627723777873285591_nRan into this beauty at a Bridal Show. Such a small world and amazing treat. 

So thankful to both of my parents for always loving on me and sharing in my excitement right now. Their support and willingness to give Josh, Landyn and I a wedding is pretty darn awesome. How lucky we are to have their love. Love you Dad and Mom.

More to come…


Home-Made Skor Bar

Hey hey! It’s Friday, which means my girl Laura is back to share some of her amazingness.

Today, she is sharing a family recipe that is sure to not disappoint. And the best part? They are easy… right up my alley.

Are you all loving Laura as much as I do?

Take it away friend…
photo 3-2 copy 4

Fall – is – al – most – here. Ok, well not really but a girl can dream! This is the time of year I itch for. The falls smells, cooler weather, playoff baseball, COLLEGE football, and of course, fall baking!!! This is a very simple recipe for delightful little biscuits that taste like Skor bars. Yes, seriously.

In our family we call them Minnesota Cra*k and when you “bake” them you’ll see why! (Well, my family is in Minnesota so that explains that part!) The beauty in these, aside from their ridiculous taste, is that you make them ahead and store them in Ziplocks in youre freezer until your ready to serve them! Bam, semi-homemade goodness ready for kids or guests at any time!

photo 5 copy 2

Soooo, as you can see, these are not a healthful treat! Ha! What you’ll need:

Bakers spray
1 Cup (2 sticks) of butter*
1 Cup of brown sugar *
* I use organic really just to make myself feel better about the insanity of the ingredients in these puppies!
6 Hershey Bars
Two boxes of whole wheat crackers (I used to use a square-shaped wheat cracker that was discontinued by Nabisco so I now use these round ones by Carr)

photo-388 copyHow-To:

Set your oven to 400. Next, cover two baking sheets in foil. {Tip: I use two sheets of foil so that I cover every inch of the baking sheet, sides and all.} Generously spray the foil-wrapped sheets with your non-stick baking spray. Then “line-em up, line-em up”. {If you guess what random rap song I’m singing I’ll bake you a batch of these babies!} Line both baking sheets with your crackers, litlle broken pieces and all!


Before we make the gooey goodness, break apart your chocolate bars and set the pieces aside (your going to use all 6 bars!)! Now for the goodness: Melt the two sticks of butter with brown sugar on your stovetop until it bubbles! Then, drizzle the goodness over the crackers and try to smear it over the entire cracker, sides and all.

Now for the chocolate!!! Put a Hershey bar on each cracker and spread over each cracker with a butter knife. Once you’ve done that, cover your baking sheet with another sheet of foil being careful not to let it stick to your chocolate!  Place the trays into your freezer and wait for them to set up!!

photo 1-2 copy 2 photo 3-2 copy 3
photo 1-2 copy 3

(Note: little hands may deplete your chocolate supply!)
photo 2-2 copy 3

Once your ready, if you can even wait until they set, I dare you to eat just one!!!


Connect with Laura here:

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Landyn’s Puppy Paw-ty

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a party. Can you believe our ELMO bash was 3 years ago?

My sweet little Landyn turned 5 years old last week, and without hesitation wanted a “puppy themed” party.

So a Puppy Paw-ty we had.

Southern California is in a horrible drought and hasn’t seen rain in 6 months, and it decided to RAIN the day of our OUTDOOR party. We managed though, and the kids could have cared less. It was all around an awesome day with our family and friends.

Warning: Extremely picture heavy. I didn’t want to leave out any details. 

1 (14)
1 (81)

1 (16)

1 (2)


1 (12)

1 (10)_2

1 (64)

1 (34)-1

1 (62)

1 (27)

1 (25)

1 (30)

1 (31)

1 (29)

1 (39)-1
1 (37)-1

1 (54)-1

1 (41)-1

1 (19)

1 (111)

1 (123)

1 (43)-1

1 (140)

1 (44)

1 (46)

1 (50)-1

1 (52)-1

1 (53)-1

1 (67)

1 (148)

1 (83)-1

1 (96)

1 (76)

1 (91)

1 (94)
1 (127)

1 (104)

1 (126)
1 (142)

1 (22)

1 (130)

1 (131)

1 (146)

1 (156)

1 (158)

1 (166)

1 (173)

1 (179)

1 (182)

1 (190)

1 (192)

1 (195)

1 (197)

1 (204)

1 (207)

1 (74)

As an activity, I planned on having an agility course for the kids (think, dog show), but last minute Landyn decided she didn’t want any part of that. Sometimes less is more, yes? Instead, the kids had three acres to roam, a trampoline, pinata, treats, and a fun photo booth. I set up little buckets of balls to go along with the theme as well. We had a puppy adoption area where the kids could take home a puppy as a party favor. I got stuffed puppies from the 99 cent only store and put them in favor boxes tied up with ribbon. The kids loved them.

I kept the menu super simple with hot “dogs”, “dog gone good melon”, “beggin chips”, and “puppy punch”. We had an assortment of sweet treats on the dessert table and I was sure to have “doggy bags” on hand to take treats to go.

A special thank you to my amazing fiance who helped make this day happen and my last minute photo booth visions come to light. And my family that came over the morning of and helped pull the whole party together minutes before guests arrived.

Another successful party in the books.

Vendor Credits:

Photography: Bows & Arrow Photography

ALL printables including photo booth props c/o Simply Create Designs

Pinata, tassle garland, balloon with tassle garland c/o Paper Fox LA

Polka dot table cloths and paper carriers c/o MYBDPCreations

S’mores c/o The Fondant Flinger

Sugar cookies c/o Baker Mama

Cupcake toppers c/o Cakes by Angela

Landyn’s puppy leotard tutu c/o Whimsy Ranch

Landyn’s puppy necklace c/o Paige and Penelope

Landyn’s polka dot bow c/o The Bows and Ties Shop

Fabric banner and cake bunting c/o A Petite Soiree

I cant say more amazing things about these above vendors that truly were a joy to work with. A special thank you to ALL of you that so generously added a touch of your talent to make our party extra special and unique. I so appreciate all of you.

Other sources:

Chocolate Cake: Costco

Paper Goods: Target

polka dot cupcake wrappers: Home Goods

Puppies: 99 cent only store

Pink poodles: Oriental Trading Company

Picture frames: Ikea

Kiddie table and chairs: Rented from Party Pleasers in Camarillo, CA

Center pieces: plastic containers from the Container Store, artificial grass from Michaels, printable’s, and real dog bones hot glued to lollipop sticks


Until next year…


Summer staples






IMG_1729-sweatshirt c/o Hello Apparel // shorts: Forever 21 (similar here) // sandals: Target (similar here) // purse c/o Red Envelope // necklace c/o Cool Water Gems // watch: Michael Kors 

I bought these shorts along with a few similar counterparts at the end of spring and I have worn them a zillion different ways. They have become a summer staple because they are comfortable, chic, and effortless. You can throw them on with a graphic tee or sweatshirt and gladiators or dress them up with a blazer jacket and wedges and some accessories.

What are some of your summer staples this year?

I hope you loving our new blog design as much as I do. Hooray for wider pictures.