Landyn’s first day of Kindergarten

The night before Kindergarten, nerves are high. “Im nervous for kindergarten Mommy”, was on repeat. She even went as far as to bust out her writing notebook and favorite pencil to practice her letters one last time before bed. We read one extra story, sang one more song, and snuck in one extra hug. It’s funny how rules are bent and bedtimes are prolonged when emotions are high. Nostalgia tugs at your heart strings and you would freeze time if you could.

IMG_6526snuggle person pillow c/o Love Mich Collection

IMG_6640backpack: Pottery Barn Kids // boots c/o Minnetonka Moccasins

IMG_6642Landyn’s dress: Gap Kids









Day one was a success. She walked out to the pick up line hand in hand with a new friend. It was as if my heart was handed back over, wrapped up in a blanket. Seeing her smile and beam with pride and confidence makes it all worth it.

I’m so excited for my big girl.


DIY Back to School Gift Idea



Landyn is off to her first day of Kindergarden tomorrow, and we wanted to make a good impression off the bat. After all, we were crushing on her teacher back in June at the new student orientation, and after introducing ourselves and making it known she was our “favorite”, we got what we wanted.

I whipped together this pencil vase in 30 minutes, it was so easy. I’d give you instructions but it involves a square vase, hot glue, and number 2 pencils. I also tied it with a ribbon and tag that says “thank you for “picking” me, LOVE Landyn”. Pun intended.

Also, Trader Joes totally let me down in the flower department today. As you can see my tulips are droopy and sad and I might be making an early morning super market run for replacements.

Hope everyone’s kids are transitioning back to school well.


Approaching our first day of Kindergarden..

They say it all goes so fast. You blink and your baby is off to kindergarden. Before you know it your sending them off to college, and watching them walk down the aisle.


Landyn’s dress c/o Runaway Pony

August 5, 2009 seems like yesterday. A point in time when kindergarden seemed like some far off dream. And now the time has come to let my little girl spread her wings. I’ve been thinking about it for the past few months, trying to let it soak in. Trying to figure out just what sending my only child off to kindergarden means to me.

For me, it’s giving your heart to someone else to protect. It’s sharing your creation of blood, sweat, and tears of the past 5 years and hoping they are gentle with it. You hope that innocence is protected, love is fostered, influences are positive, and hearts are spoken to. You hope creativity is encouraged and this little bit of independence grows them.




Landyn knows things are about to be different. We are branching out from her private preschool that was her comfort zone for the past 3 years. But change is good. She needs it. I need it. There’s already been tears and nervous feelings, and I’m sure Wednesday I will be a teary mess, but that’s what we do. I’m trying to keep my feelings inside and only speak happy things about this transition. Landyn knows that she’s always going to be okay. She knows she’s always safe and taken care of and that security and confidence is what are kids need most. Landyn knows when that bell rings everyday, I will be at the gate waiting for her. She knows she can expect to talk about her day and we will always be her guidance when problems arise.

Does this motherhood thing ever get easier?

Here’s to a successful school year full of new beginnings and growth.


Our Engagement Update

It’s been an incredible 3 weeks as an engaged women. I’m still on a total high.



Josh and I have begun searching out venues and are learning SO much. This is completely new territory for the both of us. With each tour and bridal show, we are learning a little bit more about what we want and don’t want and are able to narrow in on our vision. There’s a location near our hometown that has drawn me in from the first time Josh and I first stepped foot on the property just months after dating. I went back there this past weekend as a bride to be, and it all felt so real. I hope we can announce a date and location soon.


Josh was out of town on business this past weekend and Landyn was with her dad, so my mom packed up her bags and stayed the weekend with me. She showed up Friday afternoon with a stack of wedding magazines and spent the whole weekend helping me get ideas for Josh and I’s special day. We shopped, went out to eat, had heart to heart chats, decorated my house, played hair salon (yes, my mom highlights my hair), toured a wedding venue, and stayed up watching chick flicks and eating ice cream. It’s been forever since we’ve done that. There is nothing like a mother’s love.



10612549_10154466769720367_5627723777873285591_nRan into this beauty at a Bridal Show. Such a small world and amazing treat. 

So thankful to both of my parents for always loving on me and sharing in my excitement right now. Their support and willingness to give Josh, Landyn and I a wedding is pretty darn awesome. How lucky we are to have their love. Love you Dad and Mom.

More to come…