Housewarming Party

Chris and I hosted our housewarming party on Saturday! We had 30+ friends and family come thru our place and the day could not have turned out more perfect. It was nice to share our home with those closest to us and we are so thankful for everyone’s presence. It really makes us appreciate our amazing and supportive friends and family. There were 5 babies under a year old and it was cute to see their interaction. It’s so special to know that Landyn will grow up and share a special bond with these little ones while the Mommy’s and Daddy’s bond too. Thank you to all those that came out! We love you guys!


Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend. We are hosting our housewarming party tomorrow so I will be sure to post pictures on Monday! Hugs!


Happy 1/2 birthday my love bug!

One day old

Landyn Noella,
6 months ago today you were born into this world and it was the best day of Mommy and Daddy’s lives. No one could prepare us for the tremendous amount of joy and love that over came us on this day. God blessed us with a healthy baby girl that could not be closer to perfect. The minute I layed eyes on you I knew you would forever have my whole heart. The crazy thing is this love continues to grow each day. I never knew what giving 100% of myself meant until I met you. No matter how tired I am, you get all of me. Always. You have blessed our family more than you will ever know. Each day is a new adventure and something new to learn. I love you sweet girl.
One month
2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months


DIY Book Page Wreath

I love wreaths and nothing excites me more than the fresh smell of a pine wreath during the holidays. With many tutorials in blog land, Pottery Barn has a “book wreath” in their winter catalog, that is made out of pages from an old book. I decided this would be a great year round wreath for our new home. I scrounged up all the materials and went to work. The only thing I had to buy was ribbon which was $2.99 for an entire spool at Michaels.

1. I begun by using a large charger plate and outlined a circle on thin cardboard (from Landyn’s diaper box). I cut out the circle. Then I used a coffee mug and outlined a smaller circle in the center of the large one.

2. I found an old book that I had two copies of AND was already discolored (PERFECT)! I started ripping out each page individually.

3. Then I rolled each page into a cone shape and secured the shape with a dab of hot glue.

4. I continued rolling cones until I had about 75 (give or take a few)

5. Next, I hot glued each cone onto the cardboard into a sunburst shape with an inch and a half hanging over the center.

6. I continued gluing until I had a full wreath.
7. I secured my wreath with some brown mesh ribbon and hung it from my back door.

Very easy and adds some pizzaz to our humble abode. Happy Crafting!