The "little" things

How cute is this for that little girl in your life? Growing up, my Dad built me my very own play house and I remember this giving my imagination the reign to run wild. I too, want to give my baby girl these “little” things that she will carry with her into adulthood. It’s just these things that help us to remember our childhood and look back with special memories. I hope to make it a point to shape such fond memories for my daughter.

Road Trip

Landyn taking a break from her first road trip

Gorgeous land

Thursday morning we left town and headed up north to Grass Valley, CA for my Aunt Pam’s funeral. I was super anxious about the entire series of events and prayed for some major strength.
Friday was the hardest day. Saying goodbye is not an easy thing to do. Especially when it hits so close to home. 400 people turned out for my Aunt’s memorial. It was beautiful to see how many people she touched.
Saturday morning we left Grass Valley, and a sense of peace came over me. I felt closure. Puffy eyes and all. My heart is broken, but I am at peace. Next stop, Chico CA for my sister’s college graduation. She did it! She is a college graduate. I am the proudest sister there ever was! Saturday was spent touring the old town and taking lots of pictures.
Gorgeous brick buildings

Chico Rose Garden
Chico State Graduation


Sunday morning was the graduation. There was a zillion names called before I heard the one name I was there to hear. Landyn was on a no nap streak. 0 for 6 so we had a very grumpy baby on our hands. She wasn’t familiar with her surroundings and was home sick. I tried every trick in the book, but nap time was, again, NO success. Darn! We ended the day with dinner at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. I entertained Landyn’s last patience with Puffs (have you tried these Mommy’s? They are God sent).
So proud of Auntie Gilly

Monday we made the truck back down south. Landyn slept 5 out of the 7 hours we were on the road. ANGEL baby! I am one happy Mommy and SO glad to be back home.

I wish I had a bedroom like THIS…

It’s Wishful Wednesday over at Seattle Smith’s and today we are dreaming about our bedrooms…

With a sitting area like this, I can only IMAGINE what the bed looks like. I am loving the gold tones and bohemian feel. Very warm with vintage touches and romantic. My husband would NEVER let a room like this fly, but a girl can wish.
On a whole different extreme, I LOVE all white shabby chic master bedrooms. Another look my husband will never go for.
And every dream bedroom MUST have a dream closet. Oh to wish…