DIY Tile Coasters

Make some for yourself.
Make some for the grandparents.
These fun coasters sit on my coffee table and make me smile whenever I glance at them.
These personalized cuties,
give the average ol’ coaster a run for his money!


4″x4″ tile coasters
white tissue paper
scotch tape
Mod Podge (Matte or Gloss)
paint brush
Krylon acrylic clear coat
black felt with adhesive backing
Let’s get to work!
1. Print out a 4×6 photo onto white tissue paper.
To help the tissue feed thru your printer, Cut out an 8×10 piece of tissue paper and scotch tape it to a piece of 8×10 card stock.
2. Cut your tissue print down to 4″x4″
3. Brush a thin coat of Mod Podge over your tile and paste your photo onto the tile. Let dry COMPLETELY!
4. Once dry, put a thin coat of Mod Podge over your photo. Let dry completely.
Repeat 2 more times, making sure each coat is dry before you do another, or else the tissue will rip.
5. Once dry, seal with Kylon acrylic clear coat. I did 3 coats of this, making sure the previous coat is dry before you add another.
6. To complete the coaster, cut out a 4″x4″ piece of black felt. and attached it to the back.

7. Project Complete!

Wrap up 4 coasters with some ribbon or twine and you have a wonderful GIFT!

*I’ve done this project with gloss mod podge and matte mod podge.
Although completely different looks, both look fantastic.




  1. MishMish says

    I've stamped tile coasters before, but never thought to mod podge…these look great!! I might have to try this soon!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Life with the Websters! says

    I want to make these right now! Have you tried to do these with color photos or just black and white?

  3. Debbie O says

    I love this idea! Where do I gt the coasters from, and how much do they usually run?
    Have you ever done this with colored photos?

    Thanks sooooo much for this idea. We are having a Christmas Bazaar this year and we are always looking for unique crafts to do – this may perfectly fit the bill!

  4. Jody/Florida says

    Sweet! Love these. Did you use an ink jet printer or laser printer? Does it matter? If ink jet, do you have to let the print 'cure' (dry overight/24 hours)? Thanks!

  5. Renae says

    I have never thought to do this… amamzing gift for grandparents (I'm going to try this for my mom for her birthday)… Thank you for sharing this project.

  6. Barbara Jean says

    This looks fun.
    Is there a reason you have to use tissue paper? could it by done with regular white or cream paper?


    barbara jean

  7. Christina says

    Do you know where I can get the 4"x4" tile coasters?I cant find them anywhere! Thank you for posting this I love them!

  8. homepodge says

    Fantastic idea! I'll have to try this out. I really like how you can see the texture of the tile through the tissue paper. Thanks for the detailed tutorial :)

    • Janice says

      Yes I agree about it being a great teacher’s gift i’m thinking of making a bunch of crafts this year since I have 2 daughters that are special needs and they each have 3 teachers that work with them so this would be great to put into there end of the year bags with some other things if you have any other ideas that are simple please let me know i’m just starting out with with the crafting this year.

      Thank you,

  9. fdgtgrl says

    Great project !!!

    I'm curious to read the answer to the questions asked especially the one about the use of paper rather than tissue …

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Sherri Thacker says

    I did it with regular paper and it worked great!! I was afraid my tissue paper would get stuck in the printer so i did it on reg paper. I also found my tiles at Home Depot for 16 cents each, I bought the cheapest ones I could find.

  11. Corey says

    Hey Everyone, the coaster tiles can be found at Home Depot or Lowes in the tile aisle. They're super cheap!

  12. Kristi says

    Ooh, this looks so adorable and I can imagine someone would be so excited to get a homemade gift like this. I wish I had time to do it! (You should be scared of having no "me" time when you have two, because that is the reality. I have a two and three year old and my "me" time is when I go to the doctor's office or take a bath at night.)

  13. MJ says

    Thanks for sharing this looks so easy I think even I can do it without any emergency room visits. More important I now have a kid project for all the kiddos in my life. Happy SITS DAY!!!!

  14. Julie says

    Amazing idea! Thanks for sharing, now I have a fun project for the holidays and general gift giving. I can't wait to get started!

  15. Ilke says

    What a great personalized idea! First time on your site and I love your projects. Saw these on In the Looop and I knew I had to visit the link :)

  16. Jess says

    Thanks for the tutorial! I've done a similar project myself and through trial and error have a couple of suggestions. I recommend spraying one layer of acrylic sealer spray onto your printed tissue paper image before modge podging. This prevents the printer ink from bleeding, which can be tricky if there is a lot of blue ink in your image. Also, the small felt self-adhesive pads you can buy to prevent furniture scratching your floor work really well on the bottom of the coasters – one on each corner.

  17. Cathy says

    If you have a tile outlet store nearby they have some really uniqu tiles cheap. 25 cents to 1:00 . Sometimes they have a free bin too. Love this idea and got me thinking of other ideas .

  18. Shawna says

    Ok so I have made these twice and I can’t get past the smell of the arcylic spray! It is so strong! Has anyone else noticed it!?! Is there anything else you can use it seal it instead of that? Thanks for the help!

  19. Mary says

    I love these! I just made them in color (I was a little worried but couldn’t figure out black and white on my computer) and I’m pleased as punch how they turned out! I actually look like I’m a talented crafter! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  20. Andrea says

    Does anyone know how they hold up after being used and getting wet a few times? I am thinking about doing these for Christmas gifts and want them to last.

  21. says

    I am going to make some of these for Christmas gifts. Do you remove the tissue paper from the printer paper before putting it on the coaster? Also, the tiles I bought have sort of a shiny finish to them. Will those work? Or should I get the ones you have? Also, my last question is how well they hold up with moisture?

    • says

      Im not sure if the shiney finish works…I used the more rough looking tiles because I felt like the mod podge would adhere better… Id love to hear how it turned out though. They hold up great with moisture. I use mine everyday and Ive never had a problem. Just make sure you use the sealer on them :)

  22. Jessica says

    Hopefully I have helpful advice! I have read elsewhere that if you spray a printed image using your home computer image with a sealant (poly urethane, acrylic sealer, etc) and let that dry for 24 hours, you can then mod podge your print! I have not tried it yet but I have seen many responses on blogs stating it works, and I will be trying it soon!

  23. Ashley says

    I’ve done these two different ways. The first time I used the enviro-tex resin tutorial and have found that very difficult because it will harden to the surface you let it dry on. It also takes a long time to cure, and can have several imperfections.
    I just tried this way with the Mod Podge and have a question. I used actual photographs, and when I would Mod Podge over the top of the photo, I was left with streak marks from the brush. I thought these would dry and disappear, but that did not happen. I used the Krylon on top, but the streaks could still be seen. Are there any suggestions to get rid of the brush streaks?

  24. Bethany says

    I am going to work on this project today for Christmas presents! :) I got the 4×4 tile for 33 cents at Lowes. I could only find the 6×6 at first but I kept looking :) I got the 6×6 ones just to put a bow on and put on a stand. I can’t wait to try this project! This is the easiest and best tutorial I have seen.

  25. Tara says

    I just made my first set of these, and they are so cute!
    I bought my tiles at Lowes for 33 cents each. I got the matted kind of tiles, and the cheapest ones I could find. I did black and white photos.
    Yes the smell from the mod podge and lacquer is potent!! If there are any other options for that, I’d be interested as well.
    I was super concerned about using tissue paper, but I taped the paper to card stock and it printed fine.
    Just be careful when you lay down the tissue paper not to get any ripples. One of my tiles has ripples, but hopefully it won’t be too noticeable to the gift recipient!

  26. Dona says

    Well! I bookmarked this w-w-w-a-a-a-a-y-y-y back in February knowing I wanted to try it. I finally have! Making a set for some dear friends who are visiting from England. I can’t believe how easy and how sweet they have turned out! The printing on tissue paper was interesting, but I learned from it. Thank you SO very much for this wonderful idea!

  27. Dawn says

    I just did these last night and love them. I first tried with regular paper and found the paper bubbled. It’s probably why the project called for tissue paper. I then did the tissue paper, much better! I also learned not to use too many brush strokes because the ink started to smudge. I like the above comment about spraying the sealer after the first coat of modge podge before the last two coats. I will try to do that next time. These really are great gifts and so easy and inexpensive!

  28. Rachela says

    I just did this for my sister-in-law as a Christmas present and it came out perfect! It makes a great gift. Such a great idea!!

  29. Sandy says

    So, I tried a sample of this project and my printer doesn’t like the tissue paper. I tried taping it down, but the tissue paper got jammed. Luckily, I got the tissue paper out. I ended up using a landscape picture w/ standard printer paper. I was pretty pleased w/ the reults. ;o)

  30. Monica says

    There was no way I was going to attempt cutting and taping tissue paper. Am using velum. Can be found in the scrapbook section of your craft store or at office supply stores.

  31. Carolyn Caflisch says

    Having all kinds of trouble with the finishes, seems I had to wet sand after mod podge, then the spray caused tiny bubbles in the surface, sanded between, alot of work. Why am I having this trouble?
    Thanks for any information you can provide.

  32. Melissa says

    Hi! I just did this project as you directed and I used a gloss modge podge, however as it has dried, I have lines, like ripples in the modge podge. It’s not in the tissue paper, just the modge podge. Did I do something wrong? How do I prevent this from happeneing?

  33. Kimi says

    Oh man, so EXCITED!!!! Making them as a gift and they are coming out great!!! I think the hardest parts are done, just need to apply the top coats of the Mod Podge, clear coats of the acrylic, and voila! Waiting extra long between all applications to make sure I don’t have lines or rip the tissue. I did lightly spray the tissue pictures with the clear acrylic before applying them to the tile. Trying to center the pics, and prevent wrinkles while keeping the bubbles out is difficult, but I started to center it before touching down as much as I could, and then my first contact would be the most important parts that I definitely did not want wrinkles on (faces, body, etc.) and started smoothing out from there. Wrinkes/bubbles mostly went away as I gently patted and went over them with my finger. Thank you Lee La La!!!

  34. Amanda says

    I just made a set of these as a wedding gift for my best friend and they look wonderful! I could only find the shiny tiles at Home Depot and the tissue paper stuck to it just fine! The hardest part about this project was waiting around for each layer to dry before starting on the next one!!

  35. Brittney says

    How do you size the photo to print out correctly to fit a 4×4 tile. I have played around with the paint program but I don’t really know what I am doing. The photo sizing is by pixel sizes not inches.

    • Jordan says

      Hi, This is probably a little late but… Photoshop (or something like that) is a bit better but paint uses dots per inch. Default it uses 120 dpi. so if every inch is 120 dots, try 480×480. Hope this helps.

  36. Josephine says

    This is so cute and i really want to do it however cant find the acrylic clear coat in any shops near me (UK) is there an alternative brand i could search for that does the same job?

  37. Megan says

    Do you spray the underside of tiles with the acrylic clear coat as well? The tiles I’m using are a little rough so I’m wondering if I should spray both sides of the tiles to help prevent wear.

  38. Sharlene says

    Hello! Thank you so much for your tutorial! I’m planning on making a bunch of these for family Christmas gifts:) I made two coasters following your instructions. I accidentally brushed 3 thin layers of mod podge after I set the picture on the coaster. I made sure to let the coasters dry COMPLETELY before each layer…like maybe couple hours in between. then I did the same process with the krylon acrylic clear coat three times. They look really nice!!! Only problem is that I started to use them to trial them out and found that the glass sticks to the coaster, even after sitting on it for a couple minutes. I left a glass sitting on the coaster over night and it really stuck to the coaster! Did I do something wrong? Any way to avoid that? I bought the same mod podge and sealant.

    • says

      Hi Sharlene! You have to wait a day or so in between EACH mod podge layer :) It has to be COMPLETELY dry. ALSO, you only need one layer of clear coat. I have never had a problem with sticking. The only thing I can think of is doing one layer of sealant instead of three. Let me know what you discover!

      • Sharlene says

        Thank you Lindsay! I will try that next time:) Actually I have one more question to ask you. I’ve noticed that they now sell the mod podge in a spray can. Will that give the same effect? I was thinking maybe it would be better that way you don’t have to worry about the brush stokes. What do you think?

  39. Robin says

    Love this project! I used regular typing paper and printed in black & white. Worked great…although your edges are much cooler. I just cut my pics shorter to give about a half inch border all the way around. That way you can see the tile a little bit. Very cool! Love the adhesive felt. So easy for the bottom

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