Cool Days in So Cal

For the past few weeks, Southern California has experienced a cold front
with some rain,
and lots of clouds!
This family of 3 has remained indoors…
Doing a “little” less…
With lots of movies,
hot cocoa,
warm baths,
sweet treats,
Ugg Boots,
cuddle sesh’s…
And keeping with cozy cool days, my sponsor, Lilly Belle Designs, makes the most ADORABLE blankets to make for YOUR next cuddle sesh, just a little bit cuddlier.
Because what MOMMA wouldn’t want to cuddle with THIS?
Landyn has slept with her new blanket every night since it arrived. All their blankets are made in 3 layers: 100% designer cotton print, 100% cotton batting in the middle, and the softest, fluffiest cotton chenille on the back. Decorative topstitching added to match. CUTE Boy prints available too! Thank you Lilly Belle!

Some of my favorites from Lilly Belle Designs:

Check out Lilly Belle’s flickr sitefor ALL their fabric options. Be preparedfor some ADORABLE eye candy!

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