Keep Calm and Love On

After a week of chaos,
it is nice to know that “this too shall pass”.
Thank you ALL for your encouraging words and advice.
 I read EVERY ONE of your comments,
and your words meant so much to me.
It’s friends like YOU, that make this mommy thing a little easier.
With that being said,
I decided to take off to the beach with my favorite new wood sign,
courtesy of Cait Create,
and photograph this positive reminder.
Sometimes, it’s little reminder’s like this,
that can do WONDERS for my morale.
So thank you to our shop owner, Caitlin for this lovely gift.
Here are some other signs I have on my wish list:
Guess what?
Cait Create is offering my readers 20% off your order with code LeeLaLa20 at checkout.
Check out Caitlin’s adorable blog here
or stop by her face book page here

My fashion philosophy

My fashion philosophy:
Splurge on designer labels that are timeless, but go cheap on trends that will be gone next season.
That being said, I LOVE mixing and matching my designer items, with a Forever 21 or Old Navy top.
shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Sanctuary 
Belt: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors
Flats: Target 

Do you mix and match designer duds with cheaper labels?
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