ValSoCal Guest Post


You are in for a TREAT today my friends. Our guest today could very well have her own food network. Not only are her recipes TO DIE FOR, {yes, I’ve tried quite a few} but the presentations ALWAYS leave me breathless. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at her house. Meet Val…Hello [...]

Momma Go Round Guest Post

Since starting my blog,I have been blessed with two real life friendships.Both these girls have been a breath of fresh air for me. Not only are our babes months apart, but when we’re together,you’d think we were life long friends. As if that isn’t ENOUGH, We just realized we went to PROM TOGETHER.Same GROUP and [...]

Casey Wiegand Guest Post

Every once in awhile,  you come across a blog that is jaw dropping…Yes, it is BEAUTIFUL,but also DIFFERENT than all the rest.It sucks you in….All of your free time is spent deep in the archives.You anxiously wait for new blog posts….You want to be JUST LIKE HER.She epitomizes PERFECTION!{the girl CAN NOT take a bad [...]