I’ve said it before here
I believe that in order to “Grow” your blog,
you need to INVEST.

Give a little, to expect a lot.

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I am asked all the time,
“what is my best piece of blog advice”?
Want to know?
Here’s 2 ways I did it:
{I am by no means, a blog expert. THIS is what has worked for me.}
1. Invest in a blog design.
 No matter how tech savvy you are, I recommend paying a professional blog designer. I used Laura Jane Designs, and it was the best $100 I’ve ever spent. Not only did she make my site “pretty”, she taught this computer illiterate new blogger (ME), MANY useful tips.
2. Invest in a GOOD camera.
I recommend any DSLR camera. I have a Nikon D3000 that doesn’t leave my side, but Canon’s are great too. Blogging is ALL visual. The better, and CLEARER, the pictures, the more traffic you will see. This camera can pay for itself over time. Seriously!

Oh and of course LOTS and LOTS of TIME goes into blogging. There are many late nights and early mornings spent keeping up, but its SO worth it.

Hope that helps!! 

Thru a child’s eyes…

Thru a child’s eyes…
All is new. All is fresh.
Wonder lies ahead…
The sun shines forever.
The hard times don’t exist.
Each day is something new,
thru a child’s eyes.
I see myself,
in my child’s eyes.
A mirror reflection shining back at me.
It’s the craziest thing,
to see the world,
thru my child’s eyes.
I get to be a kid again,
and relive those Christmas mornings.
Disneyland, Family vacations,
1st pets, 1st bike.
The world of make believe.
Thru my child’s eyes.
Most importantly,
I get to be that role model,
thru my child’s eyes.
I am so thankful for the many blessings in my life.
When the hard days should arise,
I hope I remember all is good because I am living thru my child’s eyes.

I fell for the MAXI

I am going to let you in on a little something…
I was ANTI Maxi…
Yes indeed.
I swore I would NEVER wear one of these numbers.

BUT, they’ve grown on me…
and like with many things, 
I come around with time.
Dress: Bloomingdales
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Forever 21
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Do you do the maxi dress?
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