A family tradition: TACOS

Do you have a special family recipe that’s been handed down for generations? In the Roberts family {my madden name}, our recipe is as simple as TACOS. My dad was born and raised in Sun Valley, CA. None the less, my Grandma was FAMOUS in town for her tacos, and they were named “Sun Valley” [...]

Repeat Offenders

We all have them… An article from our wardrobe that we PREFER to wear EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. You could have 18595 million other versions of that SAME THING, but prefer to wear a specific piece REPEATEDLY? A piece of jewelry?  Purse? Flip Flops? Shirt? I like to refer to them as Repeat Offenders: Specific pieces that I include [...]

"It get’s better with time"

We’ve been to the zoo a handful of times, but for some reason our trip today was my favorite. The older Landyn gets, the more “enjoyable” things become. Watching the amazement and wonder on my two year old’s face,  turns my heart into MUSH I’ve found the ol’ saying,“It get’s better with time”, holds true, [...]