Come Shopping with me…Target adventures

It’s a bi weekly occurrence.
Sometimes tri weekly.
I am talking about my trips to Target.
You see, I have a secret love affair with Target.
Days that begin with Target are always the best of days.
there is a “routine” to all Target trips…
They ALL start and end the same.

You are likely to find me there in the 9:00 AM hour.
{its the only dang store that opens early enough}
We stroll in and get that BIG HUGE GIGANTIC cart that is impossible to steer.
I hate that I’m THAT Mom, but it makes my little girl happy.
We immediately make a B-LINE for the Starbucks cafe.
Ice water for Miss L, iced coffee for Momma.
After a few sips of COFFEE, we begin perusing through the dollar section.
I throw in some USELESS things that I can’t pass up because they are ONE DOLLAR.
Most likely I will give Landyn some stupid squishy ball to entertain her for a few moments, only to quickly get it chucked at my head….
Next, the clothes…Momma’s favorite section.
 Typically I do a quick glance because the BIG HUGE GIGANTIC cart won’t fit down the aisles without knocking down the entire racks. Therefore I grab and GO.
By the time I am at the stores half way point,
(the baby section)
I am ripping open Gerber Graduates yogurt melts because little L is getting restless.
I told you I bribe with FOOD.
I try to avoid the toy section at all costs.
I can’t tell you how many baby dolls I have let Landyn “LOOK AT”,
only to end up BUYING because she proceeded to rip open the ENTIRE BOX….
By the time I screech around the corner to the home section,
{my second favorite section}
Landyn is STANDING up in the cart screaming “WALK, WALK, WALK”.
It’s by this time I am getting the “IAMTHEWORSTMOMINTHEWORLD” LOOK.
Let’s just say Landyn WINS.
I manage to grab a few red tag clearance home items.
{where I get 80% of my home decor, yes on CLEARANCE}
Let me just tell you I get a THRILL when I find something I need on red tag clearance.
Those are the best Target days.
The next 20 minutes is spent aiding Landyn in cart pushing,
replacing things she has taken off shelves,
lot’s of apologizes,
chasing down aisles…
until I have had enough,
 and back in the cart she goes.
The final stretch,
which houses the REAL reason I went to Target in the first place,
(you know, laundry soap, deodorant, toothpaste)
is typically SKIPPED entirely
due to full on MELT DOWN MODE…
Screaming at the top of her lungs, flailing her arms, throwing things out of the cart…



  1. Tanya says

    I loved reading that. It made me so thankful that my kids are a bit older then that now, but yours is adorable. I love the sandals she is wearing. I found me and my daughter pairs this summer at yard sales.
    Very cool post, put me right there in Target with you:)

  2. Liz @ the blue eyed owl says

    Target is where it's at! Did you score any Missoni! I moved so I am at least 15 minutes away. It's sad, but I've saved a ton of money!

  3. Shannon says

    I'm so glad I'm not alone!!! My trips to Target are exactly the same and they are often as well. Love that place but I hate how they get all of my money every time :)

  4. Fallon says

    This could very possibly be my favorite post of all time, that any blogger has ever written! I love that i am not the only mom who a} buys useless bribes in the dollar section b} bribes with gerber snacks and c} loves to find things i "need" on red tag clearance! :)

  5. Mallorie Owens says

    Oh how I love Target, except these days I skip the clothes section because I want so much of it yet can't afford any…sigh…soon, very soon :)

  6. Marina @ Yummy Mummy says

    OMG I am SO jealous! We don't have a Target in Santa Barbara, and I'm too scared to drive to Ventura with two kids under 4 who are apt to scream the whole way. ha!

  7. Wendy says

    Ha, sounds like my target trips! :) My kids call those carts "fun carts" fun for who I wonder, since they still end up fighting about which spot is better ~ HA!

  8. Marissa@ Momma Rake says

    Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? This is my {Exact} shopping trip to Target (Except throw another baby in there for fun!). You are too cute! LOVE!!<3

  9. Tiffany says

    Our routine is almost exactly the same!…except, throw an 11 month old into the mix, too. I go b/c I "need" (want) to…but end being so stressed out and exhausted by the time it's over (most of the time). Why do we do that to ourselves? Apparrantely, it's worth it :o)

  10. Anna of IHOD says

    Lindsay this cracks me up! sounds like my trips to Target! Except now with two, I wait till hubby gets home.
    I always bribe with food. LOL!

  11. Samantha says

    I ran across your comment on a recent post by I Heart Naptime and saw that your most recent post was this one. A girl after my own heart! We are in Target more than the majority of their employees and am I ashamed of this…. Not in the least! My love for that store runs deep.

  12. Samantha says

    Lt me just also mention that this post is almost identical to my Target experience. Except I go after I have dropped the little ones where they need to be for the day and I sneak in right after they open and before I go to work. It's quiet, empty, the shelves are freshly stocked and neat, and I have no little ones pulling me to any one direction. I wonder aimlessly, collecting random things that I do not need, and sip on my coffee while getting way too excited over my clearance rack finds. And like you, the days I start with a Target trip are the best days.

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