My writing style

After attending Blog Sugar last month,

it got me thinking about my own personal writing style.

One of the messages I heard repeated throughout,

was finding balance with blogging. 

For many big names,

this meant scheduling their posts.

Monday’s meant product updates, 

Tuesday’s giveaway day, 

Wednesday What I Wore Wednesday,


And while I respect these bloggers more than they will ever know,

I have realized that this technique doesn’t work for me.

In fact, this technique takes away from why I blog in the first place.

When I think about the real reason I blog,

{to be real, authentic, ME}

it puts into perspective how I succeed.

 I speak what is on my heart at that time.

I write as I feel in the moment.

We all know we can’t schedule how we feel.

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With that being said,

I can’t tell you what I am going to post about tomorrow.

Nor can I tell you what time of day a post will go live.

What I can tell you is this journey I am on is a day to day thing.

I share my heart with you as it comes to me.

Writing can never be forced.

I try my best to speak with the utmost honesty and passion.

Nothing less.

What is your writing technique? What works for YOU?

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