I left my heart in Kentucky

She was born and raised in the city of angels.

Her whole life she knew nothing less.

Don’t let the blonde hair fool you,

because a piece of her heart aches for the small town life.

{You may have heard about my desires here and here}

The life where everyone knows your name.

 Your story.

Sweet tea, down home cooking, and old dirt roads.

Sweet Home Alabama.

The life where you are challenged to find your adventourous spirit.

The life where people break their backs to earn a buck.

They smile. Say hello.

 Life moves a tad bit slower.

Do you ever stop and re evauluate how you are living?

Perhaps, feel called to something completely different than your normal?

Something outside your comfort zone?

Living in Los Angeles,

I feel as though I take so much for grantid.
We are exposed to so much.

Our children are exposed to so much.

Possessions become our focus.

This season of my life, I have so much to be thankful for.

But sometimes, I feel led to more.

I feel led to quality. Not quantity.

Sometimes I want to pick up, and establish a foundation somewhere else.

A foundation built upon the small town life.

What are you loving today?