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Hi Lindsay lovers! I’m Michaela and I blog over at Michaela Noelle Designs.  While Lindsay is at my blog today sharing things she’s adoring in my weekly series She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, I’m here sharing something I love! If you need to know anything about me, it’s that I’m an interior design major at Seattle Pacific University, I love purple, gray, chevron, cupcakes, DIY projects, furniture, houses, fashion and lots more (:

I recently moved into a new house with my roommates for the school year and upon arrival, my bedroom was a mess. Not even a hot mess…just one big disaster! Instead of getting overwhelmed, I just started tackling one project at a time. After cleaning, painting, getting curtains, a bed and a closet {yep, my room had no closet} I needed a dresser.  Enter today’s project (:

I found my dresser at a local consignment shop.  When I bought it, it looked like this:

Straight out of a little kid’s bedroom, I’m sure.  At a small price tag, I wanted to take it home and vamp it up.  A friend and I found this image on Pinterest, and decided that’s what the dresser needed- some chevron! I didn’t know how it would turn out, considering measuring and taking my time were all ingredients to this recipe coming out perfect {I’m not really good at either sometimes!}  

Drumroll please….
I am still in shock the measurements worked out! I have to say, 2 hours of measuring, taping and carefully painting that little thing was so worth it.

 Here’s how I did it:
1. Taped off the pattern.
I started by measuring the dresser drawers and dividing the length of the drawer into 3 {allowing for 3 tips of the chevron per drawer}.
2. Next I measured the height of each separate drawer and divided that into 2, so I would have a starting point for my first diagonal line.  Each diagonal tape went from the drawer mid-point to the top, then back down to the mid-point, then back up…creating the even zigzag pattern.  
3. After taping the whole top row of zigzags, I measured down 3.5 inches from the tip of the chevron.  3.5 inches directly underneath would be where the next row of chevrons would begin.

After repeating this same formula all the way down the dresser, I realized a miracle had occurred and the chevron pattern had perfectly fit on all 3 drawers. Praise the Lord!

4.  Make sure your tape has nice and clean lines and edges.

5. Using an artists brush, I painted the edges closest to the tape first, ensuring I was careful in not getting any paint up under the tape. 

6. Paint two coats of the chevron pattern color {I choose Natural Gray by BEHR to go with my walls}. Immediately remove the tape after the second coat.  This helps get a clean tape line, and if there are mistakes, a small damp paint brush will clean it right up.

7. Add fun knobs! The top two are from Anthropologie and the bottom 6 are from Meadow Boutique.

I’m really happy with the end result. Just shows that a fun pattern, little bit of paint and a whole afternoon of tedious measuring can totally change the look of a plain white dresser!

Here she is:


Guess you could say I love me some chevron!
If you’d like to see my bedroom reveal and DIY projects, head on over here.

Thanks, Lindsay, for having me today and for sharing your loves over at my blog. Happy Wednesday everyone (:



Thank you Michaela! You are a gem inside and out!
Loved having you here today!

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