Your Authentic Self

One thing I strive for daily,

is authenticity.

Weather I am living my day to day life,

or writing a blog post,

I strive to be real.


Who am I at my absolute core?

With blogging,

I may not be politically correct.

I speak my heart and never deny my true feelings.

I am not afraid to hold anything back.

I strive to be an open book.

We were all created by Him to serve a purpose.

Don’t be a cookie cutter of someone else.

You’d be ignoring your God given talents and following a broken compass.

“Your vision will become clear, only when you look into your heart.”


blouse: Stitched & Adorned
jacket: Marc Jacobs
sunglasses: Michael Kors
earrings: Forever 21 

sunglasses: Michael Kors
jeans: jolt for nordstroms
boots: Shop Kempt
Be original, people will respect you for it.

Find your voice.

It took me being faithful to my authentic self, for me to find my voice.

My voice in life.

My voice in blogging.

Blogging has been incredible therapy for me,

because it holds ME accountable.

It reminds me to be true to ME.

Are you being your true authentic self?


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  1. says

    Love it. We were talking about something very similar in church today. Not being a mechanical Christian. It’s easy to do but it honors God to be authentic.

  2. says

    So true! I’ve been getting more and more comfortable with that on my own blog. Its tempting to hide your flaws from your blog readers. But I definitely relate so much more to the ones who are authentic!!! Love that blouse by the way….

  3. says

    I LOVE your words here! This is stuff every woman needs to hear, and believe! :0) What fun would life be if we were all the same? No fun at all! And what fun would the blogging world be if all of us bloggers were exactly the same? Bo-RING!
    Great post. :0)

  4. says

    yes girl! love your blog. also . . . love your boots ;) and i just realized where exaclty you live. my uncle used to live there for a long time and LOVED it!

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