Best of 2011

2011 saw the greatest growth for this little blog.

I wanted to recap the top 10 posts of 2011…


1. Mommyhood: Imagined vs Reality

{Sarah Driscoll Photography}

2. DIY Photo Coasters

3. Numbers

4. Where My Best Friend Calls Home

5. My Secret Told

6. Dear Diary,

7. Landyn’s Elmo Birthday Party 

8. Me being OPEN

9. Footprints

10. Crossroads

Now you tell me. I’d love to hear your favorite of my posts this year.

Was it a fashion post? DIY tutorial? Raw, Honest, OPEN, Post?

I thank you all for gathering here day after day and speaking words of encouragement to me.

YOU are the best friends a girl could ever ask for.


Things I LOVE in this La La Land {Link Up}

With the new year just days away, I have organization on the brain.

With my life in transition, my home is cluttered.

Things are NOT orderly.

I’ve been majorly slacking.

I have grand plans of wiping my slate clean in this new year,

and my first step will be an organized home.

Here is some inspiration…

Shoe Organizer

{found here}

Christmas Ornaments Storage

{via here}

“To be put away” bins

{via here}

Cork board for recipes or notes

{via here}

Organize tights or scarfs

{via here}

Wrapping Paper & Ribbon Storage

{via here}

Pantry Perfection

{via here}

What are you loving today?


Christmas 2011

I did Christmas a little differently this year.

It was the first year in my whole 28 years,

where it wasn’t about me.

It wasn’t about what I wanted.

I was not in control this year.

I learned fast what it means to be on your own.

To create your own happiness.

To share my greatest love, Landyn.

To sacrifice.

To step outside my comfort zone.

To miss someone so bad it hurts.

It was the first year, I wanted to FAST FORWARD the day.

Not rewind.

I think I took a HUGE sigh of relief this morning when I woke up.


{isn’t that terrible}…

I spent the early part of yesterday making Landyn feel as special as possible.

I tried to create the perfect situation for her.

I hid the fact that her life is forever changed.

I created a happy place.

I wanted Christmas to be about her.

{Just as it should be}.

I wanted to create that Christmas magic, ten fold.

I think I succeeded.


Bring it 2012…I’m ready for you!


Preparing for Christmas

We’ve been busy preparing for Christmas…


2. There’s a 1st time for everything…Landyn’s 1st gingerbread house

3. Enjoying an early Christmas present…Her pink bike with pedals. 

4. Keeping warm with some homemade pasta soup.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.