Best of 2011


2011 saw the greatest growth for this little blog. I wanted to recap the top 10 posts of 2011… ….. 1. Mommyhood: Imagined vs Reality {Sarah Driscoll Photography} 2. DIY Photo Coasters 3. Numbers 4. Where My Best Friend Calls Home 5. My Secret Told 6. Dear Diary, 7. Landyn’s Elmo Birthday Party¬† 8. Me [...]

Things I LOVE in this La La Land {Link Up}


With the new year just days away, I have organization on the brain. With my life in transition, my home is cluttered. Things are NOT orderly. I’ve been majorly slacking. I have grand plans of wiping my slate clean in this new year, and my first step will be an organized home. Here is some [...]

Christmas 2011


I did Christmas a little differently this year. It was the first year in my whole 28 years, where it wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about¬†what I wanted. I was not in control this year. I learned fast what it means to be on your own. To create your own happiness. To share my greatest [...]