Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars {Recipe}

Landyn and I spent the afternoon baking…

I mixed all the ingredients,

stepped away for what felt like 10 seconds,

and found my bowl in the sink being rinsed out…

SO we started all over…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars


1 1/4 cups all purpose flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/8 tsp salt

1 tbsp milk

1 stick butter

3/4 cups light brown sugar

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Line a 9″x13″ baking pan with foil.

Mix flour, salt, and baking powder together.

Whisk butter and brown sugar.

Add egg, milk and vanilla.


Pour mixture into baking pan and spread evenly.

Bake for 26 minutes at 325 degrees.

Let cool completey before serving.



My greatest passion

Im going to get a little sentimental on ya…

{so bare with me…}

Let’s rewind to November 2009.

Lee La La was born.

I wrote my very first blog post about my brand new baby girl.

I had no idea what I was stepping into…

I knew I was a proud momma that wanted to show off her new bundle.

There was no business in mind. No potential book deal.

Little did I know, that a short “blurb”, with a picture of Landyn wearing a bow the size of her head, would be the first step in me finding my greatest passion.


This little space I have carved out for myself has saved me.

I have learned more about myself in the past two years, then I have in all of my adolescence.

Sure, it provides for me financially…

But blogging has saved me emotionally, physically, and mentally as well.

This little blog sparked my greatest passion in life, and gave me a vision that I was so desperately searching for.

It shun light on the days I was down in the dumps, sure that I had no purpose in this life.

It has taught me that sharing my story though my writing and helping others feel less alone will bless you.


Let’s rewind to May 2001. 

I’ll never forget the day my 12th grade English teacher, pulled me aside a few weeks shy of graduation.

She informed me that I was one of two girls in the entire senior class that passed a mandatory writing exam required for graduation.

Her words will forever be etched in my mind…

“You have a gift Lindsay”…
“You need to consider pursing a career in writing”…

I could have taken that as my AHH moment and ran with it while I was ahead.

But what LOST 18 year old is going to take even the slightest bit of that?…NOT ME!

Instead I wasted 10 years searching…

{ok maybe it wasn’t “wasted” persay, but it sure as heck feels like it…}

Now let me just say, being a momma is the greatest gift of them all…

BUT, I was looking for something more.

I was looking for something that defined me as an individual.

Something that inspired me.

I wanted that rock solid clarity that “OH MY GOSH, this is my greatest passion”.

I was done compromising myself.

While I am no pultzer prize winner,

through this blog, I have met girls like her and her that are moving mountains thru their words.


{via here}

My dream is to write a book, share my story.

I want segments on the Today Show and Good Morning America.
I want to speak at womens retreats and blog conferences.

I want to make a difference.

And that time will come.

With a little faith, anything is possible.

This blog has been a true testament to my vulnerability.

Putting it all on line isn’t always easy.
You will always say something that will offend.

You will always leave people out.

Anyone and everyone is reading your lives story.

You will be judged…

But I’ll tell you what,

I’ve put too much heart and soul into this blog, to turn back now…

I am exactly where I am supposed to be and it feels GOOD.

My challenge to you is to find your passion, grasp it tight, and RUN with it.

Don’t listen to the haters that discredit you.

ALWAYS follow your heart.

Following your passion isn’t going to be comfortable.

You are going to second guess yourself ALOT.

You are going to struggle, but you will be led thru it.

Thank you all for allowing me this place to do what I love.

Without your heartfelt comments, emails, messages, SUPPORT,

I wouldn’t be where I am at today….I mean that!


We’ve got exciting changes coming next month!

I can’t wait to share with you this next chapter…

Stay tuned.



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Many of us struggle with it.

That nagging desire to seek the approval of others.

Weather it be the clothes we wear, the homes we live in, the decisions we make.

It’s in our hearts desire to be accepted.

In grade school, I remember NEEDING Vans shoes in order to feel cool.

In High School, acceptance belonged to the most beautiful or the straight A student.

I remember being SO jealous of my best friend at the time, who was a model.

She was perfect in my eyes…tan skin, 5’10, thin, perfect complexion.

Why couldn’t I be just like her? I would have it MADE!

In college, I understood acceptance to be in the form of a relationship…

a recipe for disaster…

I eventually grew out of that and learned that acceptance is best understood from within.

Acceptance in HIM is the only way to do things. You will NEVER be let down.

I have seen myself go full circle.

Just last week, I found myself justifying a purchase of tan and coral wedges for spring because they are “in” this season.

What more affirmation does one need?

I will definitely have it going on this season…

Acceptance for me though, doesn’t just come in the form of material things.

Lately, I have found myself questioning the decisions I am making.

Craving the approval of others.

Before I make a decision, I need to get 38699 other opinions.

I am looking for acceptance. 

I never thought in a million years, I’d be almost 30 years old still craving the approval of others….

Is it human instinct or lack of confidence?

Is it that at certain seasons in our lives, we are more confident than others?

Just last night, I was reading Landyn a bed time story, where the running theme was acceptance.

That key word, isn’t taught at an early age for nothing.


I strive to accept ME for ME and ignore the voices of inadequacy.

These feelings are EXHAUSTING, darn it.

Trust myself just a little more…

Follow my hearts desires.

Focus upward.