A sneak peak of “Our” little place…

 We’ve gotten a few things up on our boring WHITE walls.

I’m trying to make our space as personalized as possible.

So come on in for a little peak…

You are my Sunshine Print: Barn Owl Primitives
collage prints: Small Bird Studios
My cross collection
2 minute DIY project. 
DIY shell wind chime

Part II coming soon!


  1. So cute!! Glad you are both getting settled in.

  2. I love your walls! Such a great peek into your life. Thanks for sharing it :)

  3. It will feel like HOME in no time flat. Enjoy the newness of making it both of yours. Happy Sunday!

  4. So sweet! I LOVE!!! XOXO!! <3

  5. You have excellent taste! Love the way you have decorated!

  6. Hanna says:

    looks beautiful Linds

  7. Amanda @ Lillys & Lollipops says:

    It looks so cute and homey!

  8. Kelsey says:

    I am so excited you two got your own place!! Things are looking great and so inspirational! Isn’t it a great thing when you start to transform a house into a home?

  9. Val says:

    It’s charming just like you~Are you in TO?

  10. Way to make it yours! Looks great! Enjoy!!

  11. it’s looking like HOME!!! congrats

  12. Shirley Lupton says:

    Sweetie, home is what you make it and I think you are on your way. Keep smilling and praying.

  13. lori says:

    looks amazing girl! i love that ‘you are my sunshine’ print :)

  14. can you please do a full series of how you decorate this apartment? or just share your secrets with me? you are so artistic and talented and i would love to see what you do sans paint to make it special!

  15. Lindsay i LOVE your style! That gallery wall is amazing. I saw on twitter that you all were moving -hope everything is finally getting settled. Moving can be beastly!! Can’t wait for part 2 ;)

  16. Glad your settling! Love all the decor! xoxo my friend!

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