Guess what? Landyn and I MOVED this past weekend.


The perfect apartment became available, and I jumped on it.

I’m not sure weather to be NERVOUS or CELEBRATE.

I am feeling a little of both.

It was bittersweet leaving my momma’s house.

I’m not sure who will miss that cozy space more, Landyn or I.

I pray that God will pull me thru this transition and provide for us.

In the mean time, I am up to my ears in boxes and muscles I didn’t know existed HURT.

top: Blush Boutique, jeans: Forever 21, heels: Target, satchel: thrifted

I have a special friend coming into town today for a couple days.

I have beach on the mind.


LOVING my new Knotie Ties

watch: Michael Kors, bands: Knotie Ties

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How was your weekend?


  1. Hanna says:

    Yay!!!! I’m ao glad your in your own space now!!!! Just wait till you get it all decorated with all your person touches added. It will be great!!! Proud of you mama!!!! Xoxoox hanna

  2. Val says:

    Words can not express how happy I’am for you. I know that this has been hard but it’s only going to get better. A space of your own…..yay. What a great feeling that is.

  3. Darlene says:

    so happy for you friend- what a great feeling thats got to me! I know you will make your new home a perfect place for you and L

  4. Christina says:

    Congratulations on the new place!!!! I’m sure you will have it unpacked and beautiful in no time!!!! :)

  5. Congratulations girl!! So excited for you!

  6. sharstin says:

    so glad you found the perfect place for you two! that is exciting! you look fab–love the bracelets too!

  7. Shirley Lupton says:

    Sweetie I am happy for you. See God is working in your favor. Keep praying and all things will be alright.

  8. Erin T says:

    How awesome!

    Yes, I saw the move {and I think your special friend} pictures on Instagram. I hope it’s an amazing week! Moving always helps with new beginnings, right? It always does for me. A new chapter, my friend!

    Love that thrifted bag!

  9. Things will eventaully fall into place. Step one is being out on your own, and you’ve already conqured that. God’s got you my friend! glad you all had a great weekend! love you!

  10. Congrats on finding the perfect apart for you guys! That is awesome news! You look beautiful…such a pretty Momma!

  11. yayyyy congrats!! we’re officially moving this weekend, but with all of that packing i have bumps and bruises all over so i can only imagine how you’re doing. where did you guys end up? closer to me perhaps :) ?

  12. Chelsey says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to see pictures of your new place!!!! The best part of moving is decorating and setting up your stuff. Enjoy nesting your new little home!

  13. Mallory says:

    So excited for you and Miss L to be moving on into a clean space for you! Think of all the possibilities for new memories, new traditions and more special times to be made together.

  14. Amanda @ Lillys & Lollipops says:

    Good for you for moving on! It will be great to have your own space!

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