A beautiful truth


This is such a beautiful truth. Thank you Kelle Hampton, for reminding us to never take a day with our little’s for granted. For we blink, and it may have passed us by.


On being a stay at home SINGLE momma

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Since day one, I have been a stay at home momma to Miss L.

I have yet to miss a milestone.

I have complete control of her influences.

I know what she is eating, when she is napping.

I know all of her friends.

And I feel good about it.

But there are times this lifestyle can get the best of you.

There are times this job feels degrading…

You cook, and no one eats.

You clean, and messes are being made behind you.

You do laundry, and it piles back up.

You feel unappreciated….

Throw stay at home SINGLE mom in the mix, and it intensifies things ten fold.

There is nothing easy about it.

While I wouldn’t change the past 2 1/2 years for a minute,

I am beginning to wonder how life would be different had I choosen the career route.

Would Landyn and I still have that special bond we share?

Would I have the same friends?

Would I have discovered my passion?

Would I be at the top of the social ladder?

Would I still have a failed marriage?

{I am bargaining}

The past few months have completely changed the blue print of my life, and it scares me to death.

For a minute there, I was certain I was going back to a full time job, putting my daughter in daycare,

and giving up this little space I am so passionate about.

Something about being a stay at home SINGLE mom, didn’t sit well with me.

I knew that this season of my life required me to step up my game a bit.

     For starters, I needed to take care of myself financially.

While I am a work in progress, I will tell you what…

God is providing for Landyn and I, and giving us the best of both worlds.

He is giving me this time to follow my passion and make a business out of it, ALL while staying home with Landyn.

It has been the perfect balance for us.

He is so faithful. 

He is giving me opportunities that I could only dream of.

He is introducing me to all the right people at the perfect time.

I feel like I am right where I need to be.


Here’s to YOU…

sweater: Forever 21, belt: Gap, necklace: The Lovely Poppy, jeans: Banana Republic, heels: Miz Mooz



Here’s to…

People Style Watch for tempting me to go out and splurge on a new spring wardrobe.

All you SNAP conference attendees, for making me OH SO JEALOUS.

80 degree southern California weather. I ADORE you.

Childrens ibprofin for making my week with a sick baby just a tad bit easier.

Bare Minerals warmth bronzer for helping me to fake a tan.

Auto recognize on my computer… you save my life, time and time again…a girl can only remember so many passwords and emails…so, THANK YOU!

Here’s to a mid afternoon coffee date with a good friend.

Here’s to YOU.