Spring is for renewal

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Spring is in full swing.

The cold wind still blows, yet warm days are on our horizon.

Colors begin to emerge.

Spring brings forth new growth and renewal.

On Easter Sunday, we celebrate a rebirth of our faith.

What better time to wipe clean our slate, and start over?

No matter what our circumstance, or where we are in life, let’s clean everything out.

Let’s hand over our sin, and be forgiven.

Let’s be born again and thrive.


Spring brings miracles.

For followers of the gospel, we celebrate the miracle of Christ’s resurrection.

For followers of the Easter Bunny, we celebrate the miracle of the EGG.

(eggs hid, collected, and counted, followed by eggs incorporated into every meal for a week).


Spring brings change.

Change is something I struggle with. I’d much rather be comfortable, than go outside and take a risk.

We must push ourselves to newness despite how uncomfortable it seems.

New life is waiting around the corner.


Spring brings hope.

Hope that I can tear down walls and rebuild new.

Hope that I can be forgiven.

There is something about a fresh start, that brings with it such clarity.

One of my best friends spoke to me last night…

  “Sometimes, we have to go thru trials to realize what matters. God teaches us stuff in the most awful situations”.

Thank you sweet friend. I am clinging to that.


What does spring mean to you?