Life on Repeat

After blogging for 2 1/2 years, you can’t help but feel a tad repetitive.

A brillant topic comes to mind, but then you suddenly recall November 2010, when you wrote about that exact.same.thing.

It’s real life deja vu, and I struggle with it.

I like to believe that what I was thinking, feeling, way back then,

is the slightest bit different than how I feel today sitting at my key board.

We all grow with time, and even begin to view circumstances differently with each passing day.

I think the beauty in blogging, is seeing this transformation within ourselves.

Some days, I like to plow through my archives and get lost in an old memory.

Weather it be positive or not, I think we are reminded of our strengths and weaknesses, and how far we’ve come as individuals.

I find growth in my writing this way.

I remember a comment made my the lovely Lisa Leonard at Blog Sugar last year…

She mentioned that within a years time, we as bloggers, will have a community of people come and go.

People WILL drop off, and new ones will come on board.

You will come full circle.

While new material will always flow, sometimes it’s perfectly fine to revisit things.

It’s perfectly fine to taste life twice.