Style: Maxi & Stripes

top: Conversation Pieces, maxi skirt: Windsor Store, purse: thrifted, bracelets: horsefeathers, watch: Michael Kors, sunny’s: Sunglasses Shop, sandals: Steve Madden
photos c/o Love Letter Photography

Since becoming a mommy, I made a little promise to myself that I wouldn’t let becoming a mommy completely take over my personal style. While I definetely get dressed in the morning with practicality in mind, I still seek fashion. The maxi skirt has become my best friend because its practical yet fun and can be dressed up or down. So there you have it….My typical outfit in the day in the life of chasing around a 3 year old.

What is your day to day fashion philosophy?



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    I couldn’t agree more ! I made the same promise to myself after my first little one was born…and I’m so glad I did! Makes momma and kiddos much happier…! BTW, love the maxi! I don’t think a girl can have to many maxi skirts or dresses! I have a ton…they make looking “dressed up” easy! You are too cute!

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    Personal style is something that I have absolutely let go down the drain. I really need to work on this. Thanks for the inspiration! Hopping over from Embrace the Camera.

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