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With life, comes the opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts.

Sometimes, life throws us curve balls and change can come unwillingly, but other times we see the necessity in newness and welcome it with open arms. Either way, we have no choice but to embrace it.

When I replay my lives events, it is very clear that I avoid change at all costs. I fear it. I’ve always played it safe and never ventured too far off from what I know. Typically, I only deal with change if it comes unwillingly. I’m not one to stir the pot.

So it’s ironic that we made that call, when Chris and I split last year. Looking back it still blows my mind that I ran with that decision. I never thought I was strong enough to walk away.

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten here lately is “how did I do it”?… My answer? You just do. You rise up, and take care of YOU because no one else will. And that saying “time heals”? There is no greater truth.

I’ve learned that life is a series of reboots. We live each day with our best foot forward. Sometimes we soar, and sometimes we stumble. And it’s thru the mistakes, that we accept growth, and are granted the grace for a do over. While I marvel at the happiest moments I’ve encountered in my life, I have become the girl I am today, because of the hard times. I can sit here and wish that from this moment forward, it’s all butterflys and rainbows, but I wouldn’t grow from that. I’ve learned to embrace negativity and pain.

While certain things in my personal life have settled down, there are other areas that are chaotic. Certain areas that need renewal and a fresh start. The past few weeks have been tough for me. I’ve found myself searching and begging for a little redirection. It’s almost as though I am being led for greater change. I see the good it has brought me, and I’ve grown to desire it. Am I on to something?

I marvel at the work change has done on my heart. It broke me down and allowed me to build myself back up the way I always intended to. I’ve become aware that life requires constant tweaks and reboots. Newness is healthy. I think for so long I had on blinders as to what life looked like. I only saw things one way. I wasn’t open minded to other ways. It set me up for failure.

Now, I don’t wish for negativity and saddness to hover over my life, thankyouverymuch. I’m just more aware of the signs for when life calls. To me, newness is exciting. Reboots are healthy, and I have a feeling some more change is right around the corner.


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  1. so proud of you for being so strong and working through everything that has happened in the last year! you have come out of it as a stronger, happier person!

  2. Val says:

    Amen my friend. Great post and such true words!!

  3. kate says:

    This is a wonderful post. It is an important thing to learn to embrace negativity and grow from it. You sound like beautifully strong woman.

  4. Darlene says:

    Looking gorgeous mamma! And I hope you are SO proud of yourself, you are so strong and because of it Landyn will grow up to be such a strong young woman.

  5. Anna @ IHOD says:

    Reboots can be necessary sometimes.
    I love your perspective on this:)
    Hope your heart is healing well~

  6. Shirley Lupton says:

    Oh how you have grown. Never leave God out of the picture as He will carry you through life. I think He is working for you. We pray for you every night.

  7. Scabs says:

    You’re right and I love the idea of it. Reboots give us a chance to reset, clear out our history, clean up our hard-drive…and then we’re ready to go at it again.

  8. Lindsay says:

    That’s the awesome part about being human–you can change your mind about anything at any time. You have one very precious life to live and making the best decisions for you and your family is what is really important. Love these real and honest posts

  9. I think sometimes it is hard while you are going through it, but when we get redirected on that right path you know it was for the good. I am definitely in a searching phase of my life right now. Hugs my friend!

  10. I think you are so brave and strong and amazing.

    Love your heart and your blog.



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