How To Apply Under Eye Concealer

Alright friends. You are in for a treat today. I have a special friend stopping by with her beauty secrets.
(and this girl has GOT IT going on)
It’s funny because I was just in the bathroom getting ready the other morning, thinking to myself….
“WOW, it’s a shame I completely SUCK at makeup, because these dark circles and lines won’t QUIT”.
It’s even crossed my mind to go to my local beauty counter to get a makeup 101 class.
Gone are the days where I could GET AWAY sans makeup.
And guess what our hot topic is for today?
How to apply under eye concealer…this gal may have saved the day!

Meet Stephanie from

hi everyone! i’m stephanie from i’m so excited to be hanging with you today!
 i wanted to share a quick little how-to for basic under eye concealer. many of you may already
be a pro at this but for those of you who seem to still be struggling i hope this will help you out!
first off let’s all take a minute and recognize the awesome shiners under my eyes. no i did
not get punched in the face nor did i walk into a door nob. that’s just straight up natural.
aren’t i lucky? right. ok, now that we got that elephant out of the room…
start with applying your foundation or liquid moisturizer evenly over your entire face.
 i just use my hands to apply and make sure to sweep it under your eyes and over your lids!
step 1: grab a liquid concealer, i use this 2 in one stick from physicians formula, super affordable! 
 apply three dots under your eyes and blend gently with the tip of your finger. 
 step 2: take a light cream concealer and form a triangle from the inside corner of you eye,
 straight down the side of your nose and out to the outer corner of your eye. (no those aren’t grey
chickenpox i just drew some dots on my face so you could see where to start and stop.) 
after you draw the triangle blend it in a little with a concealer brush.
step 3: take a darker shade of concealer and work it right into where you just put the
lighter concealer. this will help blend everything and help it look more natural.

{this concealer compact is from laura mercier and it is the bees knees.}

blend. blend. blend. 

Step 4: the last step is to set your concealer with powder! {i use bare minerals.}

 this will help keep it from budging and smudging all over the place.
 that’s it! whew, you would never know there was black and blue all under that would ya?

all i have to say is thank the good lord for makeup, amen and amen.

thanks so much for having me today lindsay you’re the best!come visit me over at if you get a chance!


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