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Three years ago this month, I sat down at my computer and decided to start a blog. I was certain this would be another phase that I would never follow through with, but hey we didn’t buy that new MAC for nothing. I sat down, registered with blogger, and typed in the first thing that came to mind. My last name, with some flair, that would be her name. My first post was some fall foliage I downloaded from google images, followed by some words of our weekend.

Oh I had so much to learn.

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I’ll never forget the first blog I came across. A Texas born stay at home momma that had rocking style, a creative niche that I so desperately envied, and a heart of gold. This girl inspired me on a daily basis, especially at a time when I felt very alone. Without even realizing it, this girl opened a window of possibility for me that forever changed my life. She helped me look within, and find that this whole blogging thing just may be my thing. I love you Taylor McMillan.

 The past three years have taught me so much. So much as a mom, and so much as a writer. Blogging has opened the door to opportunity that keeps on giving day after day. And while there are many skeptics to blogging, making it a business, and broadcasting your family on the Internet, it was the best decision I ever made. Because to me, blogging is so much more. Blogging is a community. A warm embrace. Therapy. Friendship. Life lessons. Creative inspiration. Blogging motivates me to do better, be better. It fills my cup.

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I have many days, where I’m in a slump. Writers block. Creative lulls. Lack of inspiration. Days where my brain feels overwhelmingly crowded and unable to process my crazy thoughts into words. But it’s easy to remember how far I’ve come and see the abundance of good this community bestows on my life. Blogging allows one to tell their own unique story. It allows us to share our gift of individuality and share our strengths and weaknesses with others. I have many nights after Landyn goes to bed, where it’s just me and the computer, and I will dig deep into my archives and see the growth in my life. I’ll find posts I wrote just last month, that will make me cringe. I want to delete, but won’t because they were ME… real, open, honest. A reflection of where I was at, at that moment in time.

And of course, there’s the posts that inspire me all over again.

If this is your first time visiting, or you’ve been a reader since the beginning, I thank you. This blog has been a wild ride of good times and bad, life altering decisions and leaps of faith, but no matter what you’ve stood by me. And for that I am grateful.


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  1. says

    beautiful, just like you! i’m so happy you started this blog 3 years ago because you are wonderful and i love your story! xoxo …someday… :)

  2. sarah lynch says

    Hey girl!! I have loved your blog for a long time, it has been so fun following along!! And now I get to see you on Facebook too!!! Happy Anniversary! xo

  3. Shirley says

    You know I love your blog. The best part is when you write about your life and Landyn growing up. Thanks for sharing.

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