Tried and True Beauty Secret

One thing I have struggled with for as long as I can remember is perfection. As a girl, I believe this to be an easy trap to fall into.

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with fashion magazines that model flawless super models that are stick thin, have gorgeous complexions, and beautiful hair. This is the norm right?

beauty secrets, beauty transformation, blogher, lindsay roberts, beauty tips

beauty secrets, beauty transformation, blogher, lindsay roberts, beauty tips


Rather than embracing our individuality, we are picking apart things that make us different and seeing them as flaws. We are being sold to believe that this picturesque idea of beauty is the norm and in turn, our self esteem suffers.

With age though, I am learning to embrace the very things that make me unique. I think it wasn’t until I became comfortable in my own skin, (motherhood will do that to you) that I learned how to play up my attributes and flaws both. I think all through my adolescence, I was so busy trying to create beauty, that I missed it staring right back at me in the mirror.

And while I am a firm believer that true beauty comes from within, I also believe they don’t call them beauty “secrets” for nothing. Here’s what works for me, and has helped me al0ng on my own personal beauty transformation.

1. A good skin care regime. Treating your skin well is a very good thing. A good eye cream can save your life.

2. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

3. A date with your hair stylist. I have naturally mousy blonde hair, so every 8 weeks I’m getting blonde highlights put in.

4. Bronzer. It adds definition to your face and makes you look alive. It also helps with those pasty winter skin tones.

5. Teeth whitening strips. I swear by these things.

6. Eyebrow waxes. Its amazing how well shaped eyebrows can give you an instant face lift.

7. A mani/pedi always makes me feel “put together”.

8. Lipstick. Not until recently have I begun even wearing lip color at all. I love how it instantly glam’s up any look.

9. Wear SPF when out in the sun and always protect your face.
10. Know your personal style. Experiment. Look at old photos and see what works for you, and what doesn’t work. I have really seen a transformation in my own personal style within the last year. I’ve also made a few notable beauty tweaks that truly have made worlds of difference in my opinion.

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    Love this! It’s true growing up we are made to think that beauty is only skin deep. I was also taught (by peers not my parents) that if you were pretty you would get further in life, have a better job/life/family/career. I wished more parents and teachers would educate our young ones differently and put more of an emphasis on this myth. Where I live, they don’t do much on this, not sure if they do were you live. I myself, work really hard showing, reading,teaching, educating not just my girls but my boys as well. God made us all, in which we are imperfect. And that is what makes us all beautiful, our imperfections.
    Like you, I also had a hard time growing up trying to live up to what society deemed beautiful. As I grow, this changed for me and now I truly believe you can be beautiful on not just the outside but inside as well. That each of us has a special gift GOD blessed us with. The best beauty care tip I can ever offer anyone is to be truly ontent and happy with all that you have and with who you are. Happiness will seep from your pores and you will shine where ever you are. This took me a long time to figure out and truly believe. Like you I have a beauty regime that works amazing on me, which I tend to break out in hives with everything. I found the best thing for me is taking vitamins, being happy, cleanse face with Cetaphil twice a day, use Herbalife Toner, moisturize twice a day after I cleanse my face, and using once a month MyChelle cranberry mud mask. This has been working great for me but also wonderful for my teen daughter. Also, everything is all natural (I am not sure about the Cetaphil) which I love. Plus, for my daily makeup I use mineral makeup which works and looks better for me.
    I wish everyone could see their own beauty.

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