Good Ole Santa Clause

In my current high on Christmas fashion, we set out to visit Santa this weekend.

Last year was a total bust for my girl, so I was a little leery.

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In fact, up until this past weekend Landyn let it be known with all certainty that she did NOT want to pay the jolly ole guy a visit. Once I explained to her that we had to go visit him so he would know what to bring her Christmas morning, she changed her mind.

She must REALLY want that doll house…

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As her momma, it is my job to protect her nerves and listen for cues of hesitation. I would have most definitely made the unanimous decision to skip Santa this year and chalk it up as she simply isn’t feeling him at this stage of her life, but we talked through it. We are learning about the meaning of Christmas in school and home both, and I think the spirit being created has her catching the wave. We are reading books, singing songs, decking the halls, and carrying on traditions that you just do this time of year. Landyn is asking questions like “where does Santa live” and “what are his reindeer’s names”. We are creating memories, and it feels good.

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I got to spend Friday evening in the presence of some amazing women at a Christmas tea put on by my church. Inspirational women, wholesome conversation, and a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. I am so blessed.

My little miss has a new best friend in the big red guy. We’ll be talking lots of Christmas magic this week.

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  1. says

    Little miss is rockin’ some SERIOUS fashion…like really, I’d wear the entire outfit!! ha! I’m slightly on the nervous side for Santa too…hopefully she rolls with it like Little L.. oh and your outfit, the blue, the black…and that bag? LOVE!

    Oh and yay for Christmas!

    Love you!


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