Style: Skirts in December

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style blogger, lindsay roberts, fall fashion skirt: Forever 21, jacket: BP Nordstroms, boots: Steve Madden, cowl: Prairieology, wristlet: K Bella Bambino Designs, necklace: M Frances Designs

photos c/o Love Letter Photography

In true California fashion, it is December and skirts are fair game. Looking at these pictures though, has me wishing I had gotten a spray tan prior to forgoing this outfit. I always feel super guilty when I am pastie white come the fall and winter months considering the high percentage of sunny days we see in these parts. I mean at least folks in Michigan have a legit excuse. And to think this girl had a rockin tan this past summer…what a shame.

Fair skinned, blonde girl, problems I tell ya.


A huge shout out to my amazing style photographer Rylea Johnson of Love Letter Photography. If you are in the southern California area, you should check her out. Rylea has an unbelieveable talent and fine tunes her subjects unique personalities, not to mention is a joy to work with. This girl seriously blesses me, she makes me laugh, understands my vision, and dreams big with me. Thank you Rylea!

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    You are absolutely gorgeous, girl! And I’m loving this styling! Wishing it wasn’t so cold that I could pull off a skirt right now :)
    xo TJ

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