Weekends are for Family

I was always taught that weekends are for family.

To me, it was two days of guaranteed down time that was reserved for relaxing together or getting out and making memories.

It was about time spent.

Now that I am a mom, I am very aware of the family dynamic that holds strong around me.

It’s everywhere.

You can’t help but notice the families eating breakfast together on Saturday morning sharing stories of their week.

Or the family of 5 next to Landyn and I at Christmas time in their matching outfits ready to sit on Santa’s lap.

Or the photos you see on facebook of a night in by the fire with movies and popcorn…

Creating tradition. Making memories.

dress: Dashing Bee, bow: Aidies Hideaway

As girls we grow up playing barbies and dolls. We plan our weddings and name our babies. We are programed at an early age to crave family.

I think coming from a broken home as a child led me to crave this even more. I knew what a family was supposed to look like, and I wanted that.

Dad and Mom together. A couple kids. A house with a white picket fence.

And then you grow up and realize that life doesn’t always go according to planned. No family is perfect. No situation is ideal. Curve balls are thrown your way and you have no choice

but to sink or swim. I choose the latter.

While this past year has had many ups and downs, I have become 100% confident in being a one parent show within our household.

I am ok that our situation isn’t what I had visioned for my life because it allows me to look back on a year, and marvel at growth. It has taught me how delicate family can be and how

important it is to foster those relationships with everything you have. It has me seeing that yes, your happiness does matter and true love exists.

Absolutely, it’s hard to take Landyn out on the weekends and see cute families out enjoying life, and not want that. But I trust that in time, we will have that and it will be beautiful. We

are slowly piecing that puzzle back together and it feels good.

its not LA without the food trucks 

You want to know what makes this single parenting thing OK?

Time spent with MY family.

When push comes to shove, your roots will never fail you.

Landyn and I have a tradition where we spend a day every other weekend with my dad and sister.

Something about time spent in their neck of the woods fills me up. Weather it’s a shopping day down Ventura Blvd, lunch and a stroll thru the farmers market, or laughing at my dad’s

jokes… it’s good for the soul.


 The love I have for my family has rubbed off onto Landyn and in turn she loves them fierce.

Creating tradition. Making memories.

This is my family and this is what it’s all about.

Lucky Puppy Rescue & Retail  a upscale rescue and boutique that provides an inviting atmosphere for families to meet the newest member of their family. 

This is Elmo…she was in love.

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  1. Kat G. says

    Did you guys adopt a puppy? That’s awesome that you took her to a dog rescue- a great lesson for kids to learn! Every dog deserves family and a second chance :)

  2. Shirley says

    I love this kind of blog, getting to see your family in action. This will be remembered in years to come. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rena says

    tearing up…you are such a great mom. we all should appreciate every moment we have with our families, whether immediate, extended, or “soul” families. thanks for the perspective. gratitude.

  4. says

    You are absolutely right about the sink or swim mentality! I was 23 and had a toddler, when I split from my son’s dad. As hard as it was, we came out of it ok. And now, I have an amazingly close relationship with my son and am happily remarried with 2 more kids. Things work out for the best, you just can’t dwell on the hard times during the process of getting there. You are doing great, so keep your chin up, buttercup!

  5. says

    first of all she is so adorable! secondly she is so lucky to have such a loving, committed and perfect mom for her!! there are plenty of kids with a mom and dad that aren’t loved and appreciated like you love your little girl. she is getting exactly what she needs!!


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