5 minute DIY cuffed denim cut-off shorts

I guest posted today for the ever so amazing Bubby and Bean and wanted to share my tutorial here too. Here are some tips for making some cute and flattering cut-off shorts for summer.


MATERIALS: old denim jeans // scissors // safety pins // iron // needle and thread


1. To start, try on the jeans to determine how short you want them and mark with a pen. Because these will be cuffed shorts, be sure to allow about an extra inch and a half for folding. Take off, do a quick cut using the pen marks as guides, then try on again. Pin safety pins at the desired length. Take jeans off and lay them flat.


2. Cut each leg with scissors using the places you marked with safety pins as a guide. If you cut them at a slight angle with the outside of the leg longer, it will create a more flattering fit.


3. Fold each hem up about an inch and a half.


4. Iron the cuffs in place. If you want them to remain folded after washings without having to fold up with each wear, hand-sew a few quick stitches in place at the inside and outside seams with a needle and thread. For a frayed look, wash them before wearing.


There you have it. A new pair of shorts! You can go as short or long as you like. I’m more modest when it comes to shorts. It’s the mom in me.

Happy crafting!


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  1. Renee says:

    good job, it looks fantastic :-)

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