DIY Fall White Pumpkin Wreath


I am a sucker for white pumpkins. Our local Trader Joe’s has an amazing pumpkin selection this time of year, and I always go to town on the fall foliage. My holiday decor philosophy has always been less is more, so I wanted to create a simple, yet statement wreath for our back door. This one will stand strong into Thanksgiving.



mini white pumpkins (I got our’s at Trader Joes)

wicker wreath (I used a inch one, but you can go as big/small as you want)

floral wire

hot glue gun

ribbon to tie it up on a door (I used a piece of burlap)


To begin, I laid out my pumpkins around my wreath to see how I wanted them to be placed. You could leave space in between each pumpkin so you see wicker or place them side by side.


Next, I weaved a piece of floral wire into the wreath and wrapped it around an area until there was about 4 inches left on each side.


I then pushed both remaining ends of wire into each pumpkin.

Next, I lifted the pumpkins and hot glued the bottom of each pumpkin with a generous amount of hot glue. Repeat until all pumpkins are secure onto the wreath.

I went back and added more glue where needed and made sure all the wires were secure. Make sure the glue is completely dry before you hang your wreath.


I then cut a inch piece of burlap and hung it onto my door.



Project Complete!

I might make these same wreaths for my front door and spray paint the pumpkins metallic gold.


Happy Fall!

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