DIY Mod Podge Fabric Stool

For Christmas one year, a relative of mine gifted everyone with wood step stools that he hand crafted and stained. There was a back story to the “stool” and each one came with a story that had been passed on through the generations. 10 years later, the stain was worn and the paint that once said “Lindsay” across the top of it was chipped. It was time for a redo. I wanted to dress it up and give it to Landyn. And because Im not much of a painter, I decided to do a fabric cover.



wood stool

220 grit sand paper and Milwaukee hand sander (optional)

Rust-oleum spray paint in pure white, satin

fabric (I choose two different patterns)

Mod Podge for fabric

paint brush

paper and pencil


x-acto knife

acrylic sealer


To begin I sanded down my stool with 220 grit sand paper to get rid of all the old paint. I then spray painted it with Rust-oleum white spray paint. I did one coat because I wanted the wood grains to still show through.


I then picked out two different fabrics that I wanted to cover my stool with.

PicMonkey Collage

Next, I measured out approximately how much fabric I was going to need and painted a layer of Mod Podge across it. This helps keep the fabric from fraying once you cut it.

Using a piece of paper, I traced along the permimeter of each area of the stool I was going to cover with fabric to create a stencil.

 Once the fabric is dry, I then placed my stencil on the fabric and cut.

Taking each panel in sections, I then applied a layer of mod podge directly onto the wood stool. I then glued the appropriate fabric piece on its desired spot. Repeat for all panels and let dry.

Once dry, I repeated with 2 more layers of mod podge, letting each later dry completely before applying the next.

Once the entire stool was dry, I cleaned up some edges with a x-acto knife.


To complete, I applied an acrylic sealer to protect the stool from little feet.

That’s it! We put it in Landyn’s bathroom and I love the color it adds. I am loving this and this fabric covered project as well.

Such a great way to dress things up.


Happy Crafting!

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  1. says

    Pretty Pretty Pretty! You’ll have to let us know in a few months how well its standing up to being in a bathroom. Is it really well sealed? I’m looking round the house for things I can cover with fabric now!

    • says

      Thanks Julie! The acrylic sealer protects against water/moisture. She has a jack and jill bathroom so the shower is in the room next to it. :) Ill keep you posted though!

  2. Lona says

    I always photocopy whatever I am using to decoupage. This way I will always
    have the original in case I need to fix something and secondly it keeps the
    cost down if I am just using a photocopy, Same with the lettering, I buy a
    sticker style I like and then copy and cut out the lettering. For decoupage
    it is a nice thinner image and for lettering – I don’t have to buy any more
    sticker lettering.

  3. Samantha says

    Hi Lindsay! I’d like to do this to some bar stools I have. Did you use the Fabric Mod Podge both to apply directly to the fabric (to prevent fraying when cutting) as well as to apply it to the stool? I was wondering if I should use Mod Podge Hard Coat to apply the fabric to the bar stools since they will get a lot of use. Thank you for the great tutorial! :)

    • Samantha says

      Hi Georgie. Yes, I’m planning to use 100% organic cotton. Lindsay was kind enough to respond to me via email and suggested that I use the Hard Coat. I’ll report back on how it worked!


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