My Craft room and home office inspiration

We have some empty rooms in our house so the time has come to turn one of them into my craft room and office. I have dreamt of my own craft room for forever, and combining it with my office seemed appropriate. Right now half of our master bedroom is my office and crafting area. My anxious mind needs to separate work from rest.

Here is some inspiration I am drawing from…











All images taken from here


Also, I jumped on the “shop my closet” bandwagon on instagram. My closet is busting at the seams, and as a blogger I have far more than I need. You can shop at @shoplindsay as new items will be added regularly. Most stuff has never been worn. My closet and the man I share it with thank you.


I hope your week is going well.



  1. Shirley Lupton says

    Honey, I am sure what ever you choose will look great. In my craft room I bought 2 two drawer file cabinets from a yard sell (both for $10.00) and painted them and put a door (2.00) painted it and placed it on top of the two files and it makes a great desk. The door has a hole for the door knob and I put it in the back to run all of my cords through the hole. I got 2 dressers that were along the road (free) to paint and store things into. Just a little paint will make anything beautiful and not spend a lot of money. You go girl!

    God Bless

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