Happy Valentines Day





This week has completely gotten ahead of me. I found out yesterday that I have been fighting a bacterial infection for the past few weeks. I’ve been having random days where I am completely down and out with flu like symptoms, and it all came to surface this week. All I have to say is life shuts down when Mom is sick. I have one messy house. Theres mounds of laundry, trash cans over flowing, empty cups on the nightstand, dishes piled up, and I’m totally okay with it. My priority was Landyn and rest this week and I accomplished both just fine. I’m on two antibiotics and feeling much better. Josh has been in Texas on business all week, so we were thrown for a loop. I’m ready for a new week.
Landyn and I made some candy grams for her preschool class today. I printed the cards out via freutcake blog, put them in clear bags found at the craft store, stuffed them with a candy of choice, and then sealed them with washi tape. It was a fun little activity and Landyn got to practice writing her name 18 times. We killed two birds with one stone. So many cute Valentine ideas in blog land.
My man returns tomorrow just in time to celebrate Valentines Day. We have the weekend just the two of us, and we both agreed that we want to stay home and cook dinner in tomorrow night. I might twist his arm to help me with some ongoing paint projects too. My idea of the perfect Valentines Day.
May your weekend be filled with lots of love.

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  1. Shirley says

    So glad you are feeling better. Happy Valentine to all of you. Landyn looks so happy each time I see a new picture of her. We are ordering a heart shape pizza and getting a couple movies. We are old and just thought we didn’t want to fight the crowds.

    God Bless!

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