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2fb.jpg blazer c/o Hazel & Olive // skirt: American Eagle // booties c/o Minnetonka Moccasins // necklace c/o Lisa Leonard // earrings: Kate Spade // watch: Michael Kors // purse c/o Sassy Steals (similar here)  

photos: Bows and Arrow Photography

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d see that I have my Minnetonka fringe booties on repeat. I tend to do that with purses and shoes. I find something I love and I won’t part with them. I find 148508 different ways to incorporate them into an outfit. Landyn was also gifted with a pair and the kid LOVES matching her momma. Hands down the most comfortable boots I own. Now if I can just keep Landyn’s moccs away from the dirt. The double fringed side zip ups are seriously the best kid boots. They go on and off easy and go with EVERYTHING.



I am so excited to collaborate with Minnetonka Moccasins today. They are one of those reputable brands that speak for themselves and today one lucky winner will win a pair of choice. I’m also swooning over these plum beauties. Thank you for the opportunity Minnetonka. A definite wardrobe favorite.

Which ones would you choose?

(US Residents only please).

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  1. I LOVE Minnetonka Moccasins! Being a Minnesotan for 10+ years, I know a good pair of Minnstonka Moccasins when I see one. BUT, I could use a new cute pair for the wardrobe! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Nicki M says:

    I’ve been crushing on these shoes since I first saw you wear them!! And matching daughter ones too?! Ahh I’m in!! :)

  3. Ellen Casper says:

    Love the red boat moccasin

  4. Andi T. says:

    I like the back zipper boot – super cute!

  5. Great giveaway. I would love the 3 layer fringe boots!!

  6. Katy says:

    I adore fringe right now, so I’m swooning over the LACE UP FRINGE ANKLE WEDGE BOOT! Ahh! So cute!

  7. ahhhh girl! You know me and my love for all things SHOES! and I’ve been drooling over those cute booties you’ve been spotrting! So CUTE!!!

  8. Laura says:

    Awesome giveaway, thanks! I would totally pick the studded moc in brown. :)

  9. Amanda scott says:

    I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last Wednesday. This would make an amazing push present! :) obsessed with the wedge!!!!

  10. Rebecca says:

    I would choose the Kilty moccasins in black.

  11. LOVE the smooth leather moc in

  12. LOVE the smooth leather moc!

  13. Jessica w says:

    OHH, thanks for the fun giveaway! I would love their chrissy bootie!

  14. Rebecca AB says:

    I LOVE minnetonka moccasins and I’ve never owned a brand new pair before, I’ve always found them thrifting so I would be ecstatic to own a brand new pair!! I would definitely go with the high top back zip boot! Thanks for this fantastic giveaway :)

  15. jessica garcia says:

    i love the kid boots! to die for! my little ones would look so adorable wearing them! i love the color you have for sure!

  16. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I would choose the smooth leather moc!

  17. April V says:

    I’d get the boat mocs!!

  18. Breonna Goodwin says:

    Love love these, fringe all the way! :)

    • Stephanie Adcock says:

      Though I love them all, I would have to go with the fringe studded boots you’re wearing in this post in the same color!

  19. Dana Frost says:

    I’ve been dying for the Calf Hi 2 Layer Fringe Boots FOREVER! They are the perfect transition boots from this long winter to spring :)


  20. pemora says:

    i LOVE the bandera boots. i can imagine so many outfits with those.

  21. barb t says:

    I am originally a Minnesotan so I know all about Minnetonka mocassins–wonderful company…I love the little fringed booties you wear…so cute!:)

  22. Milo T says:

    Love, love, love Minnetonka mocs!!!! So trendy, versatile and adorbs!! Would be excited to win…

  23. Hannah lundberg says:

    I LOOOOOVE these booties that you have on here!! So stylish but effortless. They could be worn year round and with almost everything. Jeez I have one pair of minnetonkas and I never take them off.

  24. Jessica k says:

    Would love the fringe boots for my daughter :)

  25. Kelly says:

    I’d choose the studded bootie… Or the three layer… Gosh, it’s impossible to decide, I love em all!

  26. Samantha lee says:

    I’m a loyal Minnetonka customer. I LIVE in my moccasins. Because Indian blood runs through my veins, this brand speaks directly to my heart and soul. I’ve had the five layer fringe boots in my amazon Wishlist for about a year, but lack the funds to purchase them (being a mother of two). I would so desperately LOVE to win them. Thank you for the chance! This is a great giveaway!

  27. Lindi says:
  28. Kelley Larsen says:

    Kitty moccasins in black

  29. Carly P says:

    I love those booties!!

  30. Lauren says:

    These have been on my wish list! Great giveaway! I love the fringe booties and the grey Kilty moccasins.

  31. Shannon Sampsel says:

    I looooove these http://www.minnetonkamoccasin.com/Products/Detail/spring-2014-canvas-moc/235 ! The color is perfect for Spring and in need of a comfy pair like this. I have the 3 layer fringes and have been my go-to all Winter! Absolutely love Minnetonka!

  32. Kirsten C. says:

    My grandmother has worn Minnetonka moccs my whole life and would give my me and my sister pairs when we were younger. I’ve grown up with them and I LOVE them. I only own the thunderbird moccs but I’ve bought my daughter booties and the thunderbird moccs in a few sizes. Can’t wait for her to get old enough to wear them!

  33. Kelly says:

    I am definitely guilty of having matching outfits with my daughter (although sometimes it’s totally unintentional!). And shoes are that much cuter in children’s size.

  34. Kristin says:

    I would love the booties!

  35. Scarlett Jackson says:

    All these fringed Minnetonka mocs are awesome! I love my taupe leopard kilty and my grey kilty mocs and totally would love to get adventurous with the grey Calf Hi 3 Layer Fringe Boots!!!

  36. Amanda Wray says:

    I LOVE anything Fringe and anything Minnetonka, this give away is amazing, I would LOVE to call the 3 layer fringe booties mine, I like you have favorites in shoes and purses and wear them out, this is a bootie that I would love to add to my collection of shoes and I can promise they will get their wear. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!!!

  37. Amanda Wray says:

    I LOVE everything Fringe and LOVE Minnetonka. The fringe booties would be a perfect fit to my collection of shoes. Booties are perfect for an everyday outfit and can be worn with pants or shorts which makes them great shoes year round. I like you stick with my favorite purses and shoes (my obsession) so once I find a pair of booties that are fashionable and so versatile it’s going to be tough for me to ever part.. I would LOVE to add these to my shoe collection, thank you so much for such a generous give away! Love your blog!!

  38. Maya M says:

    Minnetonka pointed me here! Love your blog! I’d love even more to win a pair! I’d go with the Laceup Fringe Ankle Wedge Boot in black. I am drooling over them over here! Haha.

  39. Kirsten says:

    KILTY SUEDE MOC HARDSOLE. Unless I can pick boots, then I would choose CALF HI 2-LAYER FRINGE BOOT!

  40. jessica garcia says:

    who won who won who won? rafflecopter never shows me :(

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