Our bedroom {details}

We have lived at our “new” house for 9 months now, and I have yet to share details of the interior. The reality is, I am an all or nothing girl. If the entire space is not completely the way I want it, I won’t be satisfied. That, and I have problems following through. It would be safe to say that I have 15 unfinished projects staring at me at every corner.

So my point in all that, is telling you that I’ve put off sharing our space because it’s still a work in progress. We’ve completely gutted the upstairs and while it looks AWESOME, Josh and I STILL have no nightstands, the baseboard around the perimeter of our bedrooms has yet to be painted, the back corner of our bedroom looks like my office threw up all over it until I move it downstairs into my soon to be office (another unfinished project).

But there is quite a few details that I LOVE, so I am going to share those for the time being.

“Our Bedroom” {details}

IMG_5454.jpg “you are my bucket list” wood print: I made with reclaimed wood and white paint // bedding: Pottery Barn // headboard c/o Heady Bed // ruffle mustard pillow c/o Jilly Bean Craft

IMG_5449.jpg Ampersand marque light c/o Bomisch

IMG_5455.jpg “lucky us” print c/o Daughter Zion Designs // J&L letters: I made with cardboard letters spray painted gold  // True Love and Forever canvas’s c/o Small Bird Studio 

IMG_5459.jpg 1 Corinthians 13 print c/o Red Letter Words 

IMG_5461.jpg mustard flower pillow c/o Jilly Bean Craft

And a special thank you to all the amazing shops that help to make our house a home, including Bomisch for my rad ampersand marque light. I’ve moved this thing around 3 times since getting it in the mail because it’s so versatile. I love it on our mantle and it also makes the perfect “night light” for our bedroom. Be sure to check out there darling shop. Such great gift ideas.


I am off to Vegas for the weekend for an early birthday celebration. My sister and I have birthdays a week apart, so my Dad is treating us for the weekend. I sure love that guy.



  1. Shirley says:

    Thanks for sharing your bedroom, it is very nice. Be sure to have a fun and safe weekend.

    God Bless

  2. Nicki M. says:

    Love all the details of your room! The headboard,the gold letters, the amperstand! It looks great! Have so much fun in Vegas!! My husband is going in two weeks for a bachelor party and I’m scared already, hahaha.

  3. Edita says:

    Adore this post :)

  4. Kelly-Louise says:

    This so beautiful!

    Could you check out my blog and follow it on bloglovin? I will follow back! :)
    I have a new post every day!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise


  5. sepatuholig says:

    I love the one with book shelves and sofa….

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