We are ENGAGED!!


My week took a VERY unexpected turn. Thursday afternoon, Josh took me to lunch in Malibu where our story first began. The spot of our first date, where we shared our first kiss. He got down on one knee, got as sappy as I’ve ever seen him, and with four words, gave me my happily [...]

We celebrate halves…


It’s no secret that Landyn and I love this guy… So we will celebrate this man any chance we get. Today is Josh and I’s year and a half “dating anniversary”, so I had to write a little something… (because halves deserve to be celebrated)   Thank you for being the reason I smile and treating my [...]

How Yoga Changed my Life


I’m not a gym going kind of girl. Besides hearing the phrase “it goes by so fast”, one of the phrases I hear quite often as a Mom is “how do you stay so fit”. I always smile graciously and credit it to living a healthy lifestyle, but for me personally I think it comes [...]