An update on “Time Shared”


I have edited this post quite a few times in hopes that I say all the right things and protect everyone involved. I walk a fine line with this subject and while I love sharing my story with you all, I always try my best to write with that in mind.  It’s been awhile since [...]

What does it mean to be a single mom?

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{I wrote this as a guest post over here, but decided to share it on my space as well…}  What does it mean to be a single mom? Being a single mom means being a one women show It means setting the dinner table for two…just the two of us. It means holidays are [...]

Weekends are for Family


I was always taught that weekends are for family. To me, it was two days of guaranteed down time that was reserved for relaxing together or getting out and making memories. It was about time spent. Now that I am a mom, I am very aware of the family dynamic that holds strong around me. [...]