Happy Valentines Day


This week has completely gotten ahead of me. I found out yesterday that I have been fighting a bacterial infection for the past few weeks. I’ve been having random days where I am completely down and out with flu like symptoms, and it all came to surface this week. All I have to say is [...]

DIY Fall White Pumpkin Wreath


I am a sucker for white pumpkins. Our local Trader Joe’s has an amazing pumpkin selection this time of year, and I always go to town on the fall foliage. My holiday decor philosophy has always been less is more, so I wanted to create a simple, yet statement wreath for our back door. This [...]

DIY Mod Podge Fabric Stool


For Christmas one year, a relative of mine gifted everyone with wood step stools that he hand crafted and stained. There was a back story to the “stool” and each one came with a story that had been passed on through the generations. 10 years later, the stain was worn and the paint that once [...]