DIY: Dip Dyed Hand Towels With Tassels

It’s FRIDAY which means my talented friend Laura G. is back with a fun DIY project you will swoon over. Tassel lovers unite.

Take it away Laura…

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My cousin, her husband, and their kids are coming to stay with us for the next five sleeps (yes, when you have three kids under 5 that’s how you count the days!).  I started to think about what I could do to make my house guest-ready.  For the guest room a basket with magazines for the parents, books for the kids, fresh fruit, bottles of water, some yummy goodies.  For the guest bath, fresh flowers and the most darling hand towels!  And what better way to spoil family and friends than by treating them with something home-made?!

These dip-dyed, tassel-adorned guest towels don’t take long to make, they look fantastic and, frankly, they would make a great gift!  Let’s get to it!

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What you Need:

Rit fabric dye, hand towels (I used these amazing soft cotton ones from Sur La Table but any light weight towels will do!), embroidery thread (I used 2 per towel), a needle and thread and a bowl!

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Tassel How-To:

Ever make a tassel?  I’ll warn you, once you start you wont stop and there will be tassels everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  Your daughters hair, on door knobs, on necklaces, on tree branches …. oh!  just got an idea….focus!

Ok, to start, cut approximately one arms length of your embroidery thread, then cut that in half and set aside (we’ll call these scrap pieces!).  Next, take the looped embroidery thread and cut it in half (we’ll call this the chunk).   Take one of your scrap pieces and tie it around the middle of your chunk (set the other 1/2 aside to make your second tassel).  Fold the embroidery thread in half.  Take the second scrap piece and wrap it around the doubled thread a few times.  Tie off a knot in the back.  Finally, trim the bottom of the tassel to make it uniform and blunt!  There you have it!  A tassel!  Repeat until you have all the tassels you want for your towels!

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Dip Dye How-To: 

Super easy.  Fill your bowl or bucket with warm water, add in desired amount of Rit Dye and stir (note, this stuff is meant to stain and it will!).   {Want a lighter color?  Add less dye.  Darker color?  Add more dye.}  So, now that you’ve added your color, slowly dip your towel into the dish being careful to hold up the back side of the towel (unless of course you want both ends dipped!).   I went about 1/3 of the way up with the dye on my towels!  Once you’ve dipped hang to dry!

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The final step!  Sew on them tassels!  I got out the trusty measuring tape to space mine out along the front of the fold.  Add a few stitches to each tassel to ensure that they are sung.  (Note:  Probably a good idea to hand wash these babies – because of the color and because of the delicate nature of the hand sewn tassels!)

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photo 5I mean, how great are these?  Spoiler alert: Family and friends you may be getting these as gifts at some point!  Thanks for letting me craft with you again!

Until next time,
Laura G.


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DIY Succulent Jars

I have a thing for mason jars.

They can serve so many purposes. I made some succulent jars this past weekend and actually gifted 4 of them to my Mom for Mother’s Day. We all love flowers, but they die in days so I thought this was the perfect alternative. I have been told these are kill proof. Such a great gift idea for teachers, housewarming, friends, new baby, etc. They add so much color to a room and make the perfect indoor plant.





mason jars

mini succulents (I hand picked mine at the Do It Center) 


spray paint 





Spray paint mason jars. I used Rustoleum spray paint. Spray paint the jars right side up, let them dry. Then flip over and spray painted the bottom half.

Let dry completely before planting. Add soil, plant.

To prevent mold, add activated carbon inside the jar with the soil.

That’s it. I wrapped each jar with twine and had I enough time, I might have printed out some tags for them.



Happy Spring!


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RedEnvelope for Mothers day

“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of RedEnvelope”.

PicMonkey Collage

Every Mom has characteristics that make them uniquely them. Some of us are hostess Mom’s, others glam Mom’s, some on the go, some sentimental. Some of us have a little of each one. For me personally, I have a lot of sentiment in me. I’m a total mush.

Being a mom pulls on your heart strings. I will never forget Landyn’s preschool Mothers Day party last year. We gathered around a kiddie table where our kids served us desserts and drinks, sang us a rehearsed song, and gifted us with a handmade paper weight. I remember as soon as the kids broke out in song, the tears started streaming. They were happy tears of course, but something about that moment got to me. Seeing that little person that you created beam with pride because you are their entire world. In their eyes you are perfect just the way you are. Every picture colored, flower picked, word spoken, you hold onto. And you cherish it. My favorite pieces of jewelry are the ones monogramed with Landyn’s name. It’s sentimental and allows me to keep it close to me heart whether she’s near or far.


Sentiments matter. We all deserve a token of appreciation. What are you hoping to get for Mother’s day this year? If you aren’t a Mom, then what will you be gifting YOUR Mom? RedEnvelope and I would love to know.


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Need some gift inspiration for yourself or a special Mother in your life? Check out RedEnvelope’s Mother’s Day Pinterest board here. Gift ideas for every type of Mom. There are so many things on my wish list. I believe gifts celebrate and reflect a lifetime of memories and sentiments. Every Mom deserves that much.


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“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of RedEnvelope”.


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Valentines Day Picks

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I compiled my picks for the hallmark day of LOVE. While I believe we should celebrate our loved ones everyday, Valentines Day is reason to give double the love.

Have a fantastic weekend.