On Co-parenting


I am always in awe when I see two set of parents, no longer together, that can be friends. You always want what you can’t have, and for me, this is most definitely something I strive for. Even if it’s only a “you are doing a good job in my eyes”, or “Landyn is okay, [...]

Paper Doll Clothing Company


It’s been three months since I took the plunge and unveiled my very own clothing line. 3 whole months. We’ve really worked on getting the word out and it’s been such a joy seeing our customers, brand reps, friends and family all in our line. So today I just wanted to share some pictures of [...]



As a kid, my Dad was never a fan of Disneyland. I remember seeing photos of our family trips to the “happiest place on earth” and my Dad looking everything but happy. He hates crowds, lines, and waiting, so Disneyland has never stood a chance. Fast forward 25 years, and you get your Dad taking [...]