Hello Monday


Happy Monday. I am linking up with Lisa Leonard for her “Hello Monday” series. ….. Hello almost 5 year old. Summer birthdays call for early celebrations at preschool. Hello real life Car’s Land. Hello mid week lunch date with pop pops (my dad). Hello to ways to beat the heat wave in so Cal. Hello [...]

Weekend Links

PicMonkey Collage

This video nailed it on adulthood and freedom and why I do what I do. A TOMS outlet with your favorite styles starting at $15? Say it isn’t so. I have a date with Gatsby tonight. Counting down the hours. This girls new app has put a fun twist on instagram. Who else is loving [...]

My Life in 250 words


I am participating in this lovely gal’s blog everyday in May challenge. Today’s topic is “the story of your life in 250 words”. Born Lindsay Nicole Roberts on May 7, 1983. The big 3-0 is next week guys! I’ve been born and raised in sunny southern California. I grew up with what I thought to [...]