We are ENGAGED!!


My week took a VERY unexpected turn.

Thursday afternoon, Josh took me to lunch in Malibu where our story first began. The spot of our first date, where we shared our first kiss. He got down on one knee, got as sappy as I’ve ever seen him, and with four words, gave me my happily ever after. I knew from the first time we met, he was different from the rest, and with time proved that our gut doesn’t lie.

Josh is my forever and I am so excited to announce that we are ENGAGED!!


The past 4 days have been a complete whirlwind. Life has come to a hault as I let it all sink in. I’m soaking up every feeling, every touch, every word of love and encouragement. I am on a high and I never want it to end.

 I’m engaged to a man that makes me a better version of myself. A man that stretches me to be better, challenges me, loves me unconditionally, and most importantly loves my daughter like his own.

I came across this post today, when I first introduced you to Josh, and my words couldn’t be more spot on from the start:

“I’ll never forget our first date…The minute our eyes met as I walked towards him standing up against his truck to greet me. The smile he flashed me. Our first hug and me realizing how attractive 6’3″ is. The smell of his cologne. The black peacoat he wore to impress me with his sense of style that I haven’t seen since. Him opening the car door for me, and every door there after. Effortless conversation. The way he made me laugh. The way he looked at me. The way his hand fit perfectly in mine. Our first kiss”.


I’m on cloud nine.


Landyn came home from a week away at her Dad’s and Josh and I knew exactly how we wanted to share the news with her. Josh gifted her with a special pearl necklace and asked her permission to marry “Mommy”. She of course answered with “YES, I want a sister”. She followed it up with a “Joshy is the best, we love him” and the biggest hug and kiss her little body could give him. My heart became mush and just like that, the past 5 years became clear as day.

It feels so good to be in it for the right reasons. To do things the way I always envisioned for my life. I get the opportunity to have my Dad walk me down the aisle for the first time and ball my eyes out as we have our father/daughter dance. To have my best friends and my sister as my bridesmaids and dress shop with my Mom. To be surrounded by 100 of our closest friends and family as we promise each other ‘till death do us part. And to have my baby girl by my side through it all. It feels good.

I’ve waited a long time for this and I am thanking GOD for the detour life gave me. I finally got it right.

Thank you all for your love and encouragement across the social media board this past weekend. We have read every single comment and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


Let the wedding planning begin!!!

I love you Josh Baltimore. I can’t wait to become your wife.


We celebrate halves…

It’s no secret that Landyn and I love this guy…

So we will celebrate this man any chance we get.

Today is Josh and I’s year and a half “dating anniversary”, so I had to write a little something…

(because halves deserve to be celebrated) 





 Thank you for being the reason I smile and treating my baby girl like your own. How lucky she is to have you as her example. You are my rock, my encouragement, and always believe in my crazy dreams.

Something tells me I’m going to love you forever.




One Year Together: J+L

A year ago today, my world became a little bit sweeter when this guy and I made things “official”.

I could get all mushy on you but I’m going to keep things simple. I will say though, that I am the happiest I’ve ever been and thank God everyday that things worked out the way they did.






 My best friend.

My rock.

My hearts keeper.

He makes me laugh harder than anyone can.

This man takes me right where I am at and loves me big, flaws and all.


Cheers to us and many more years of HAPPY.

I love you Josh Baltimore. You have me for as long as you’ll keep me.



2013 in review

2013 was packed full of so many special memories for Landyn and I. But through it all, the highlight of it has to be Josh entering our lives. Something inside me changed the day I met him. He instantly added color to our world, and continues to do so day after day.

Most importantly, I learned this year that every family is unique in their own way. There is no definition of what a family should look like. I am left with a full heart at the end of each day, and to me I have it all. I cant wait to see what 2014 has in store.

Our 2013 in review…

Big-Bear-Lindsay-RobertsOur first vacation to Big Bear

Snow-Day-LeelalaLandyn’s first time in the snow

IMG_3673An introduction, the boyfriend



Style-Shoot-295-copyWhat does it mean to be a single mom?



IMG_3957Thoughts on social media 




IMG_1501My 30th Birthday

IMG_1538A summer of change 



IMG_5376Family Matters



IMG_1989An update on time shared


503-copyDate night style 

IMG_7481Anxiety and fear 


IMG_8985Road trip to Redmond, Oregon



IMG_2040Back to school





IMG_3167_2Halloween 2013


IMG_3304Going easy on myself and being thankful



IMG_4099Mt. Bachelor, Oregon


And some of my favorite recipes and DIY projects for 2013…

DIY Pallet Herb Garden

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Dining Room Table 

DIY Scrapbook Card

DIY Valentine Bird Feeders

The Perfect Kale Chips

Healthy Recipe: Turkey & Mozzarella Stuffed Peppers


Happy New Years to you and yours. I’ll be back in 2014.