I am in counseling…


**I started to write this post on Saturday, but let it sit in my archives while little voices in my head told me not to click publish. My goal is to bring awareness on this topic because I know there are so many struggling.** …….. Typically I don’t blog on weekends. I like my weekends [...]

Thoughts on self worth and raising daughters


As a child I was painfully shy. I remember knowing the answer in class, but never raising my hand to speak up. I pretended I was sick before I would ever give an oral presentation. IĀ also remember always having perfect citizenship and seeing A’s and B’s on my report cards, but without fail the teachers [...]

Random things

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photo credit: Love Letter Photography 1. Whenever I move into a new house it takes me months to hang things on the walls. Something about putting holes in the walls seems extremely permanent and gives me anxiety. If you came in my house right now, you’d see frames and shelves laid out around the perimeter [...]