On Bullying…


With motherhood comes peoples opinions, advice, and what they know to be true. Some things you take to heart and watch out for, and others you sweep under the rug. One thing I’ve heard on repeat since Landyn started preschool is that bullying starts young. And for the past year and a half it hasn’t [...]

My first mammogram at 30


I am a worrier by nature. If you know me personally or have followed my journey here for some time, you’d know that I have an anxious heart. I tend to take things to the worst case scenerio and work myself up over little things. I am a total work in progress you guys… A [...]

I am in counseling…


**I started to write this post on Saturday, but let it sit in my archives while little voices in my head told me not to click publish. My goal is to bring awareness on this topic because I know there are so many struggling.** …….. Typically I don’t blog on weekends. I like my weekends [...]