Potty Training

Our time has come.

My little love started potty training.

Despite the backlash from family {love you guys}, I waited patiently for her day to come, as I always knew it would.

Today completes day 2, and so far so GOOD!

The whole thing has gone smoothly, completely effortless.

Well, I did prepare months ago with a potty chair, potty seat, uber snazzy panties, a grab bag of treats, a sticker chart, and I even brushed up on my cheer leading skills…I was READY to jump THAT bandwagon.

I knew once the time came, I would give it all of me. I wouldn’t push, simply encourage.

Saturday afternoon, we went running through a splash pad at our local mall, and Landyn decided she didn’t want her wet diaper on anymore. Her “new” bathing suit Aunt G just bought her, was enough. I ran with it, and there’s been no looking back. We took it a step further and took her to Target, with nothing but a t shirt and her bathing suit bottoms on. RISKY! All by herself, L told me she had to use the potty. Like a runaway train, I ran from one side of Target to the other and put my BIG GIRL on that potty. And guess what? It happened. My mom and I shouted, clapped, and jumped for joy, {I’m certain the entire store heard us}, and Landyn grined ear to ear. After that proud moment, I may have bought ALL of Target as her reward.

Since then we’ve had no accidents. No regression. Just a proud big girl learning the ropes of potty training. So far, Landyn tells me when she has to go, and my determined little, jets straight to that potty. Like a seasoned pro. I’m sure we will have accidents, set backs, and night time training will come with time. We are taking baby steps. One day at a time is my mantra.

Alright all you seasoned pros….what are YOUR potty training tips?