Pottery Barn Inspired Sea Shell Mirror Tutorial

I can browse a Pottery Barn day and night.

 It sits on my night stand,
and my mental list of “things I WANT” grows each time I look.
Sometimes though,
there are things I can recreate for less.
Their sea shell mirror was one of them.
{sorry Pottery Barn}
Here is my step by step Sea Shell Mirror tutorial:
{mine was frameless but a framed one will work too}
assortment of sea shells
(# of shells varies on size of mirror)
hot glue gun
A LOT of glue sticks

Let’s get to work…
1. To begin, I lined the portion I wanted to remain mirrored, with paper to protect it from glue.
2. I then began lining the inner border with smaller sea shells to create an even frame. 
Once my frame of shells were all lined up, I began hot gluing.
I simply lined the perimeter of the shell with hot glue. 
Begenerous with the glue.
3. Once my mirror was framed with shells, I began placing my larger shells in a puzzle like fashion.
It does NOT have to be perfect. In fact the more random the shells and placement, the more character your mirror will have.
4. When the entire frame is covered in shells, you can go back and fill in any gaps with any remaining smallshells.

5. Project Complete!

Wasn’t that easy?
It’s A LOT of gluing but the end result is so fun!
I hung my mirror in my bathroom and it’s a fun reminder that the beach isn’t far away.

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