Top 2 Tuesday

I am linking up with Taylor for top 2 tuesday. Today’s topic is top 2 favorite songs…
1. Incubus “Dig” You heard it here first. I am 100% girly girl but I have a special place in my heart for this local band now known to the world as Incubus. I share a few special memories over Incubus lyrics and concerts.
2. Toby Keith “Whiskey Girl”. A completely different side of the spectrum. I am random like that. As mentioned here, I am a lover of country music and Toby Keith. I can blast this on the car radio and be instantly at ease.
Go stop by Taylor’s blog to play along. If you haven’t been over to her blog yet, do stop by. She’s a daily must read and adorable momma! Hope you are all having a great start to your week.
I also decided to join in on the tuesday tag along. This is a link up kind of day! Welcome my friends!
Tuesday Tag-Along

Top 2 Tuesday

It’s top two Tuesday over at my friend Taylor’s blog…
I haven’t joined in on the fun in FOREVER and I missed this fun weekly ritual :) Today’s topic is top 2 favorite hair products…
1. As mentioned here and here, KERASTASE is my obsession. I don’t know about you but I switch around my shampoo’s. I switch between Kerastase and Bumble and Bumble so my hair doesn’t form a resistance to one or the other. Hair dressers out there, is this even true? Call me crazy! My sister and I have a running joke though, that we have good hair days when we have used our beloved Kerastase. We call it “Kerastase Hair”. I really should be there spokes girl. Kerastase, I am taking all offers! Inquire within…
2. Prive root amplifier. I have thin flat hair and this stuff is the only thing that can give MY hair volume. Pre baby I worked at a salon and I became quite fond of this product.
Go link up over at the Undomestic Momma do play along. I hope you are all having a great week!
Today is the last day to enter the Tiny Seamstress Designs giveaway here. Also if you haven’t already, enter the Frizzies giveaway here. Have a good week my friends!

Top 2 Tuesday…Tips

Today’s topic at the undomestic momma is top 2 tips. Beauty tips, blogging tips, cleaning tips, whatever!
1. I’ve said it before here, but Kerastase shampoo does your hair oh so good. It has saved mine. 5 years ago I got extensions (yes I was THAT girl) OhmygoshIjustletyouinoninsiderinformation and when I took them out, my hair was so very damaged. I discovered Kerastase and that brought my hair back to life. I should really be there spokes girl. Kerastase, I am taking offers :)
2. Prenatal vitamins. Since I am on a hair tangent, I will continue. I’ve been on prenatal vitamins for about 2 years now and they make my hair grow SO fast. My doctor recommend I keep taking them even after nursing Landyn.
I am so excited because my very first giveaway is being announced Thursday. Stay tuned tomorrow for more details. :)

top 2 tuesday…simple pleasures

It’s that time of week again. Today’s topic is top 2 simple pleasures…
1. A bubble bath. Hubs jokes with me because I have a little routine in the evenings. I LOVE to take a bath to wind down from my day. Some days it’s only 5 minutes but thats all it takes!
2. The beach. We live 10 minutes from Malibu and this is my favorite place to go to relieve stress. The laid back atmosphere brings me calm. My dream is to live on the beach one day, that’s not so simple, but a girl can dream!