It’s no secret that I walk around like a chicken with my head cut off most days. For some reason, I tend to make decisions that make my life even more complicated than it already is. Like deciding to keep Landyn in preschool near our old home in Agoura Hills this year, and commuting 30 minutes to and 30 minutes from school 5 days a week. It’s draining. Especially when you are a work from home entrepreneur and have to make Barnes and Noble your remote office 5 days a week. Not to mention all the lifestyle stresses of being a single mom, dealing with Landyn’s dad living an hour and a half away, building a life with a guy that makes me a better person with each passing day, trying to keep up with a house that is much larger than I am used to, etc etc. Case in point, finding time for “me” is far and few between. It’s no wonder my anxiety is through the roof most days.

A couple weeks ago, I walked out to my car to take Landyn to school and found a gift bag sitting on the top of my car. Mind you, it was a day before Josh’s birthday and HE should have been the one getting surprises on his car. I opened it up and found a gift card to the Four Seasons Westlake. I asked him what it was for and he responded with “just because”… “you are stressed and I want you to go get a massage and relax”. Dream boat right?



So relax I did. I planned a day with one of my good friends last Friday and we made it a point to turn off our phones, ignore all responsibility and guilt, and just soak it up for the ENTIRE day. It was heaven on earth you guys. If you are in the LA area, the Four Seasons is the place to go. I have a hard time doing things for me lately. I usually spend the whole time combating the voices in my head that are telling me I don’t deserve such things. But I am learning to kick the negativity in the face and do whatever it takes to be happy.

Some pictures from our day….






Now go have a relaxing weekend.



Our Weekend in photos






celebrated her birthday early with Pop Pops



We spent this past weekend settling into life a bit. Landyn has been on this complete high since the new move. It’s almost been an overstimulation of sorts but surly that will pass. Between puppies, a pool, orchard, land, a new two wheeler… it’s all game. It’s funny how kids feed off life and situations because I can already see the happiness that this move has brought her. While I tried to create the most normalcy for her during the past two years, something about our current situation is different. We found that missing piece and she is beaming. And her momma is too.

Josh and I are off to Mammoth Lakes {California} on Friday for a long weekend with some friends. I can’t wait for a little vaca with my man. We were there last year for our “mutual friends wedding” so it will be so awesome to go up there as a couple this time. I’ll be posting updates on instagram.


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Big Bear Part II

 I spent the weekend in the mountains of Big Bear with my man, and left feeling amazed at how you can get away with no agenda at all, and still have one of those weekends that will forever be filed in your memory bank. It’s being able to sleep in, take morning walks on lake, stroll downtown, scenic drives, lunch on the patio with the sun shining down, impromtu bowling, learning how to play chess for the first time, that has me saying life is good today. 

Knickerbocker Mansion Bed & Breakfast

It’s when we step back and take the pressure off life always going according to planned, that I find the best memories are made. It’s taking the focus on the glorification of busy and just enjoying the time spent. A great weekend indeed!

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A day in Santa Barbara

Sometimes heading an hour north to Santa Barbara for the day, can feel like a mini vacation.

Not to mention I’m a total sucker for beach towns.

While there are blizzards going down in other parts of the nation, we had a 75 degree beach day this past weekend.

We had cocktails on the pier, took in the sunshine, did a little shopping, went wine tasting, and ate at a delicious Cajun restaurant for dinner…

(if you are ever in Santa Barbara, you have got to check out the Palace Grill….coconut shrimp, blackened salmon and bread pudding for dessert…heaven you guys).

 We decided we’re going to get us some beach cruisers and make this beach thing a more regular occurrence. I’m visioning a beach cruiser with a wicker basket and a bell. Naturally, he visions some cool paint job. 

 I am planning to share the details of this special guy in my life… an introduction is coming soon.


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Summer, I’m ready for you!

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